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Creweemaima : Ok, I need 2000 euros ( = $2880 I believe ) for my cousin. He's starting college in a few weeks and his family isn't very well off :(
I've decided to try sell my horse box for 500 euro (it's only small and a single one :L ) so it would be
1500 which is a bit better . I really want to help him because he gave me my pony and he's really nice and sound out and I really need to help him. So what can I sell or do to make even another 5 or 6 hundred? Please help :( xxx

Annmarie xxx

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Dumpsypsurf : Just hold a yard sale of everything you dont need in ur house...that way you will get atleast £200.
The rest maybe you can go to a wholsaler and bring in money like that?
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roinemanath : I'm in 9th grade and I want a smartphone. Right now we pay 130 dollars and that's so much and I own a phone that I had for 4 years. So is there a family plan we plan on having 3 smartphones but what is the best deal. I ask my mom some times if I can get a smartphone but she says we pay so much what really bothers me its that kids make fun of me because I don't have a smartphone and I take all honors they so call me poor and smart and sh*t so I plan on getting a s3. What will be the best deal for a family of 3 and the cheapest family plan. Verizon
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DumArrada : I'm pretty sure it doesn't but what if the person paying your bill asks the company to get them to show up on your bill
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csyez011 : Sending dirty texts? No, they can't -.-
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Skomenelrd : are siblings no longer close i rarely hear people talk about them nowadays. are siblings no longer close i rarely hear people talk about them nowadays
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Entimbzit : Mine is....We plan parties together, go on trips together, go to the movies, shopping, etc. We are the only two who understand each other...We are close in age, I am 46, she is 49.
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JackSilverCoolYesNo : Mine are. Just a week ago, my brother and I went pawn hopping. The week before that all my siblings went to a museum together.
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DevyDywob : My identical twin sister and I are very close. We speak to each other every day and visit as often as we can. Why, I even dream about my sister, almost every night!

Having said that, I must confess I am not close to my two older brothers. Partially, this has to do with distance - they live at opposite ends of the country to where my twin and I live. Even though I have made efforts in the past to communicate with them, I can't remember a time when either of them once contacted me to ask how I was. Frankly, I've just got fed up with their apathy. Also, we have nothing in common - they appear to live self-centred lives and the only times we get together are for weddings and funerals.

Perhaps one reason why people seldom talk about their siblings is the way society has fragmented. Most people have to move to different areas in order to find work and that results in families being split up. Also, people have to work much harder and longer these days and a lot of children are farmed out to child minders while their parents work. On top of that, children these days seem to be preoccupied with mobile phones, i-pods and all sorts of electronic games and gadgets. It seems to me that families no longer communicate, one with another, and because everyone is so busy and absorbed in their own life, little time or attention is given to relationships.

Forgive me for generalising, and what I've said might sound a bit harsh, but it's just an observation and comparing how families are these days with the generation that arose during the 50's and 60's. LM
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Alibabamen : Depends on the people. I know people who do not socialize with anyone they are not related to, ever. I also know of people who haven't talked to their sibling(s) for more than 30 years. I'm close to most of my siblings although there is one who has pretty much alienated the rest of us--I still will talk to her but avoid having too much to do with her since she's mental.
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