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immekGive : The number of paper gold & silver assets like GLD, SLV, AGQ, UGL, etc, is rumored to be highly leveraged from paper to physical assets. If you read the prospectus for SLV & GLD, you can see it allows leveraging of paper to physical gold & silver, or in other words, more than 1 owner of an ounce of the metal. Although, buyers are still technically allowed to redeem the metal. In a normal situation, it works because the majority of investors settle in cash when they buy or sell the ETF, but if there was a parabolic rise in gold or silver, to the point where there was a large demand for the actual physical asset, the ETF could collapse, as there would be more people trying to redeem the physical metal than the actual metal. If this scenario happened, what would happen to the price of the physical metal? Would it skyrocket why the paper market (derivatives) collapsed?

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arramsgrarp : And banks are only required to have 3% of deposits available for cash withdrawals. Airlines overbook their seats, etc. etc. It would be naive to expect a strict one to one policy. They would just settle in cash and or be slow in processing the redemptions. Why would a rise in monetary value result in an actual demand for the physical metal? If people are investing for monetary claim, they would still want to settle in cash not in physical metal. Besides, with markets like gold, when the prices rise, people paradoxically buy more.
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Rinkaliskiply : So as a result of dropping my phone, the power button does not work. It has nopt worked for a while now. My battery died so now my phone is off and without the use of the power button I am unable to turn it back on.

***Do you know of an alternate method I could use to turn it on??

**Do you know how I could fix the problem myself? (without causing more damage)

*Do you know how much the cost of repair would be?
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Frutrinultusa : mobile owners, orange. mobile owners, orange
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Gromisilsss : A mobile service provider but they have change their name to EE
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nunkCurpittee : Its a mobile network, you get sim cards for your phone! Its joined with Tmobile to make first 4G network in UK called EE
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Cheapebak : My ZTE blade 3 mobile doesn't let me view some images because it says that I need to download Adobe flash player so I tried to download it but it says that my mobile doesn't support Adobe player.what should I do?
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Apapyskyday : Try this https:// dropbox /s/ttclomk4r04cdvd/flashplayer_11.1.111.31.apk
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WahAvell : You may try downloading an app named "Photon Flash Player & Browser" from your Play Store. Photon Flash Browser for Android is the leading browser for Flash player plug-in support and video streaming that liberate your browsing experience on Android. It requires Android 2.3 and up versions and your phones comes up with Android OS, v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). So it would be compatible with your device and allow you to view flash contents over a website. Hope you find this useful:)
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omibettetulge : Here you go:

qbking77 /news/how-to-install-adobe-flash-player-on-android-phones/
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