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Sepecoagree : I hv a on my name cheque is it cumpolsary to have an account to cash that cheque?

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gorodezpup : No you can pay the cheque into someones bank you know and then they can pay you the money .
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pypeMuttutice : I have a motorola theory that I threw at a blocked wall, the keyboard popped forward and now it won't turn on. Is there anyplace I can have it repaired at? I've googled and no one seems to repair it regardless of it's simplicity, the Boost mobile people in my town are too stupid and the just tell me it won't turn on like I don't know that.
Or anyplace where I can have my contacts and notepad files transferred? Because that's all I really need.
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amitiardedo : So, I have a jailbroken, factory-unlocked iPhone 4 for T-mobile... And the other day I was cleaning up my apps.. Deleting the ones I didn't use..Etc. Well... I went into Cydia and started deleting the things I didn't use also.. And I guess I deleted something important. Because after, I noticed that Cydia had disappeared. My phone worked the rest of the day, until I started face timing & it just suddenly turned off. I then plugged it into my computer only for iTunes to tell me that it needs to be restored. I then tried powering it up.. And then I tried powering it up while holding the volume up button..But neither of these things seemed to do anything. Just a black screen. I then tried to allow iTunes to restore it, but it gave me an error code and said that it couldn't. I'm not sure what the problem is and I don't know how to fix it. ): I'm very upset because I had so many pictures & videos on there... If anyone could PLEASE help, I'd appreciate it. I'll choose best answer!!
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urbawibbona : I was downloading talking news and it had a good download speed but a call from my friend came and after that it slowed down to byter per second
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Dorbrarrofs : I want to buy this phone. Is it worth the money? Please tell me everything about this phone!
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dingvenivaw : May be the call would have interrupted the internet connection...this happens increase the download speed
*Fiber optic and cable internet tend to be faster than DSL,mobile and dial-Up.
*Using a mobile internet connection in a congested room can decrease the connectivity hence try to find a near by HotSpot and use since its more active.
* You can try using the mobile internet Off Peak hours thereby avoiding the traffic.
*Try updating the Mobile firmware and keep checking if there are any updates for your phone.
*Try to purchase a booster/antenna which may capture more signals.
*Do not install lots of software on mobile.
*If you are interested only in text then there is option in mobile to block images. That will give you fast speed and will have less charges as some providers charge per KB.
*Do not access other applications while surfing.

After you have tried some of this,try your connection again using Scanmyspeed and see if it's running any faster.If you are not still satisfied try to upgrade the data plan.
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