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ChemeWhibre : its for school project EMS

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Beskeragmasse : Fairly obvious really....if you make the cheque (oops sorry the English spelling) someone you can prove they received the money... if it is made to cash all you know is someone had your money... in other words made out to cash it is no longer secure.
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Heftteext : I have tmobile now and i want to buy this at&t htc one that is unlocked but would it work? I know both of the carriers are gsm so i dont know. Can i put my T-Mobile sim card into an at and t phone and would it work fine
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likelucyru : If the phone is unlocked, you should be fine just switching your sim card to your new phone.
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byszoctgp : What happens if i pay more than what i'm supposed to on a T-Mobile contract bill? For example: if i pay £60 instead of £30, will the extra money be taken out from the next bill?

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vdkm6b18 : I would assume so like when I pay extra for my gas bill it carries over
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Enginisseve : I like this phone but its not available in my area. I was wondering if all the phones will be available in all areas. I don't want to buy online because I don't want to wait.
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Biaralitalp : A phone is a phone. Whether if it's from a different area or not metropcs can recognize a metropcs phone.

Now, if you're talking about connection, metropcs isnt really the best with their signals...LITERALLY.
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csyez020 : You would have to update your phone's software. It's in your settings under your phone info
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mbtskosalg : welll,,, it depends on if LG provides the update for this phone, but you could install a version 4.0 or 4.1 ... but that voids your warranty, although it would not harm your phone in any way

oh, i just checked information about your phone model, and unfoetunately LG doesnt update this phone higher than 2.2....... sorry to.disappoint you :(
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