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attinkMatrerm : I just give the machine my coins and I just get cash. Is it that simple?

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Fbnolormep : The one I use is in a grocery store. I put my change in the machine. It prints a voucher that I take to the service desk and they give me the cash. Coinstar charges almost 10%.
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HXfernanda : I am looking desperately for an HTC One card case like these for the iPhone:
ebay /itm/Black-Rubberized-Snap-On-Hard-Case-With-Credit-Card-Holder-For-iPhone-4-4G-4S-/370750451055?pt=US_Cell_Phone_PDA_Cases&hash=item565272ed6f
ebay /itm/Credit-Card-Wallet-Hard-Soft-Combo-Case-Shockproof-Defender-for-iPhone-4-4S-/350834885710?pt=US_Cell_Phone_PDA_Cases&hash=item51af63844e

Can anyone help?
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Insenoloals : I know T-mobile have ditched their contracts and Cricket have been doing that for years. I also know T-mobile is better for traveling, but what I'm looking for is, which has got the better deal. Which of these is not expensive and has no hidden catch or fee that I will hate to know about later, you know? What I'm looking for is unlimited txt, call, data/internet and that's the main. If you guys can give the exact monthly fees for both of these Companies (especially T-mobile now that it is contract free.) That would be good, thanks and God bless! :D
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NamImpaimafes : For T-Mobile it will be around $70 (depending which phone you get)
For Cricket they don't have unlimited 4G but the cheapest is $50
I'd go with T-Mobile as it has better coverage
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BedoPearrr : I'm looking at getting virgin mobil Beyond talk unlimited data and messaging plan, and I would like to know how well they do. Thanks.
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indiananimator : at&t and virgin are good on the west coast t mobile and verizon are good on the east coast
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roinemanath : I need a new cellphone. Mine is so stupid and I swear it must hate me. It's a Verizon LG VS700.
I hate this phone. It's the worst phone I've ever had, seriously. The only thing I like about it is the keypad.

Anyways, I need a phone that works good. I prefer ones with keypads but if I have to I will settle for something else. I only use my phone for texts, calls, and going online occasionally to search up like an address or something. My budget is $100 but I'll go to $160 if it's worth it. Thanks!
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JeffJY : blackberry curves are quite decent or samsung galaxy ace is quite good for its price.
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