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SeRviceFus : Hi, Are the gifts, in form of cash, taxable in the US?
Like say you're a H-1B visa holder or on a spouse visa and on your way to green card, or are a green card holder and you're gifted over 10,000 US Dollars per Month or over 100,000 Dollars per year. Would that money be taxed considering you don't have any source of foreign income and the money is just a gift from your relatives? Also the donor is not a US visa holder of any kind.
And what about the Donor, rtfm? Who isn't a US resident.

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Anielavs0 : In the US, a gift is NEVER taxable to the recipient.
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Parkerb : While there is no tax, you must file IRS form 3520 to create a paper trail.
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IXRobert : does otg cable work with htc mobile. does otg cable work with htc mobile
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Orgabbade : alright so my mom wants to switch companies and saw this commercial by t-mobile that said 4 lines for 100 dollars, so i went to check this online, but what's up with the $0 upfront for the phones, is it a good thing or a bad thing? is there a contract with t-mobile? is it really 4 lines unlimited everything for $100 or is that what they just say on t.v.?
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2qot54rt74o : I have been using the virgin mobile $35 per month plan, but I decided I want the $55 one now, which has unlimited talk. I bought the $55 card, but have not activated it yet. If I do activate it now, will I automatically be on the unlimited talk plan, or is there more that I have to do? My fear is that I will activate this $55 card, and it will just give me my normal $35 plan and then add $20 toward my next months payment...which would be really stupid, but I just want to make sure I'm doing this right. Thanks for any/all help!
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Nhlnqhes : virgin mobile plan automatically change. virgin mobile plan automatically change
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seexboomi : Getting paid ahead on your bill isn't necessarily stupid, but it won't accomplish the change of plan that you want.
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fivefingerslf : I have read some reviews about the LG optimus L9 not being able to transfer apps to the micro sd. Is this still true now? Did they update the phone?
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