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arrormaginy : I am creating a balance sheet on a company I wish to start. I do not know how to fill in the sheet.
Here is the information I am aware of:

This is a service company with little overhead and no cost of goods sold. The company will loan money as partnership on real estate (meaning the company will take ownership with the borrower). Not a bank but privately.

1) Investor initial start up investment: $250,000.
2) Additional Investor investment of $505,302.20 for month one.

Investors money will be lent out to purchase current real estate assets as:
1) Loan type one: $252,651.10
2) Loan type two: $126,325.55
3) Loan type three: $126,325.55
Total will be $505,302.20 (the exact amount of the Investors investment above)
- Loan type three will be repaid / paid off in month one and will not continue until month 2.

Numbers from the income statement:
1) Net Profit: $11,668 (this will be actual money paid to the company. It was an accounts receivable but then was paid cash within the month 1)
2) Operating Expenses: $12,601
-- ($1500 for insurance; $8333 for accounting / legal; $2767 for office and marketing, zero (0) payroll or payroll taxes yet)
3) Income before Taxes: -$933

Accounts receivable: $67,325.89
(Accounts receivable was : $78,993.89 but the $11,668 from the income was paid within the month.)
(Accounts receivable are all profits as listed above in the income statement beyond the money lent out. Let me explain: On my balance sheet I placed the money lent out as current assets - because it was used to buy real estate - and the balance due - the profit - as accounts receivable because these are generally loans that have a longer than one month payoff. When a loan is paid off current assets would go down, accounts receivable would go down and cash / profit would go up).

Zero (0) owners withdrawal for dividends for month 1. This will be an LLC.
Zero (0) long term assets or liabilities.

Please help me create the balance sheet I cannot seem to get the assets and liabilities to equal. Part of this inability seems to come in the form of retained earnings and some of the items I posted I do not seem to know how to double enter the info.

I really appreciate the help.
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geseamili : if your balance sheet doesnt balance, add more weight to one side . duhh
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movealietle : Which one should I buy?
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UnillaUrids : Like AT&T and Verizon?

Tell me why they should/n't cap data
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pletcherzbd : They can do whatever they like.

You can "vote" for or against what they do
by either using their services or not.
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jiniaSown : I used to be on Giffgaff UK and they claimed truly unlimited Internet but after I used 6gb they gave me a data bar with no warning so I couldn't use the Internet for 2 weeks until they read my appeal.
So I reported them to Oftel and found out they already had hundreds of complaints.
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UnillaUrids : Because they have the right to offer anything they think will sell, the is NO right or wrong in data caps. Do you think you can force a mobile phone carrier to no cap data. Maybe stage a protest, or stomp your feet or even pout.
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grearoriure : I have a jailbroken iPhone 4 CDMA that's running iOS 6.1.3 that I would like to flash to Cricket. The jailbreak was a tethered one done with Redsnow since I do not have the SHSH Blobs to downgrade to 6.1.2 to do an un tethered jailbreak. I have done a lot of searching online to find a Commcenter Patch and Carrier Bundle that are compatible with 6.1.3 but to no avail. I was hoping someone else knew of a solution. Any help is much appreciated.

PS I have already looked into the Apple Flasher, Freedom Wireless, and myrepospace /cricket repositories on Cydia but none worked. If you have had success with any of these could you please provide instructions for use?
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Asyncinaccich : So I have a Motorola CLIQ 2 QWERTY Android phone from T mobile.

When I was on it, messages popped up saying that certain apps were not responding and they would ask if I wanted to "Force Close" or "Report". I kept choosing "Force Close" but it kept coming back. So I decided to restart the phone.

Once I turned it off then back on. it started up as normal. The Motorola sign came up as usual, then the Moto Blur moving logo shows up. As always, the T mobile start up happens. But instead of going to the home screen, it goes BACK to the moving Moto Blur logo, and it stays like that and won't start up.

So, is there any way I can fix this and get it to turn on? If that's possible.
Yes, I have tried removing the battery and putting it back in, but it's still doing the same thing.
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TUTPeessyboms : Have you tried taking the battery out for a few minutes and then putting it back in?
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