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TUTPeessyboms : Hi
Going to the doctors for a simple check up costs a lot of money and I have to take blood tests too and that right there costs 500 bucks and I'm paying cash out of my pocket.. I'm looking for health insurance in my state and actually for my parents too but I can't seem to find an affordable plan. Can anyone help me out this? I think we're going to go broke pretty soon because sometimes it's really urgent and the doctors don't even give you discounts.

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Toserenry : So are YOU- and People in 49 Other States !!! You MAY be about to catch a "Break" though... If Obama's Health Care Bill gets Passed in Congress early next week- your Family MAY be able to get Coverage through IT... There's always HOPE. -So keep your fingers crossed... :)
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Drerkisa : Your parents and you have to buy health insurance if none of you have a job that supplies it or lets you buy into their group plan. Go to the NJ web site and click on the link to buy insurance. You will see all of the companies that do business selling health insurance in NJ. It is a small list because NJ taxes the living daylights out of companies and a lot of them have moved out of state, refusing to do business there. That has been one major problem that has not yet been addressed. Why do people in neighboring and other states buy health insurance for $100 a month, but just because you live in NJ, you can't buy it for less that $400? We've got to open up the free market and allow companies to sell insurance across state lines. Don't wait to buy. As your parents age, they will have more health problems that need attention. One of them and you could get a job that has the coverage. Good luck.
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Plaitikepak : Health insurance for young adults (I used 20 years old for an example) in NJ are available for approximately $200 per month person. Some companies that offer it at approximately this price are Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, Oxford Health Plans, and AmeriHealth New Jersey.
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Paisymomtoori : Background:
Okay I'm getting a new phone in October and I'm having an awful time deciding. I currently have a Blackberry Curve. I haven't changed mostly because I HATE touch screen for texting. Every time I had to type on a touchscreen I get frustrated because of autocorrect or stupid suggestions. On a regular keyboard I go at amazing speeds, I impress myself sometimes and I have the keyboard memorized completely even the symbols, #'s and faces. I LOVE keyboards.
My blackberry is now literally falling apart at the seams, literally the rubber is peeling off I don't even have buttons on the side anymore i have to push the tiny circle with the tip of my nail. It also starting to be a real pain, I get notifications hours late and at random times it decides to have an application problem and doesn't let me text certain people unless I reset the phone which takes 20 mins! I've seen a bunch of videos and read articles and all they have done is made the decision harder. I would really like a custom suggestion so I'm going to list all of my needs and lifestyle, hopefully someone can help me out.
Why I'm down to these 2 phones:
I really do hate touch screens, I mean I love touch screens but the texting, HATE it and I never in a million years imagined I'd ever find a touch screen phone that I'd like. Until I saw the commercial for the S4. I was hypnotized and I don't know what it was but I just felt like that phone just fit me. But I could be wrong.
(I do not enjoy touch screen for phone use at all, people are always so excited about all that iPhone junk and galaxy stuff and I have NEVER seen ANY appeal just hearing someone rave made me gag. I instantly wanted this phone though, I usually hate advances in technology because I feel its dumbing everyone down with their dumb obsessions.)
All I really needed up till now was a phone that could text call, take pics and go on the internet. Now I saw the Q10 about a month later and having my mind set on the S4, my heart sank when I saw that keyboard. As a keyboard lover I was so excited to finally see what looks like a good phone with a KEYBOARD, FINALLY. But I had my heart set on S4 now I'm so confused I'm extremely scared to make the wrong choice. I won't be buying the phone so its not like if I make the wrong choice I'll be able to get the other.

What I need:
As I said I up to this point, only needed a phone to text, call, take quick pics, an go on the internet. But I'm starting college next year and I'm finding that my needs are expanding.
I'm going to be a business major and I'm planning on starting my own businesses, I mostly thought the S4 would suit that lifestyle.
I loveeee to read and i'm always on the internet just to read up on things. It doesn't mater how dumb a random question I hear is or something I randomly thought of or heard I google EVERYTHING CONSTANTLY, I'm a ninja at this point.
I loveeee good pics, I currently own a NIKON D5100, my love, but its a big bulky camera, I take pics of EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. I'd love a good camera on my phone because I'm always taking quick pics of things since I only bring my camera along when I know for a fact I'm going somewhere where I'm gonna want gorgeous scenery pics or taking pics at home where I have 24 access to my nikon.
Oh the keyboard, although I love it, I can give it up if it means the S4 will suit me better.
(As long as there is no auto correct or suggestions that'll harass me constantly.)
I'm a huge gamer but I don't NEED to game on my phone, I REALLY enjoy it though.
BATTERY BATTERY BATTERY, that is a huge thing for me, I just googled both of them and they both got terrible reviews! With my current BB Curve I get an entire day of battery I wake up at 6am and sleep at around 10 or 11 pm with battery the whole time, no need to recharge. I usually only text and thats it, I only occasionally do other things for a couple seconds.

If anyone could help without being biased that would be great because I'm real worried after hearing everything if I should even switch.
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KAKELOODA : S4 i would never get a blackberry Q10 again they suck they glitch alot and battery is horrible
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Sorwrortreize : I have an s4 and I right now giving you advices using my s4 on top of the keyboard will show you suggestion but as far as I know my phone dont auto correct for me probably because I didnt check that option but I really like the s4 keyboard I have always use an iphone keyboard wasnt use to the s4 keyboard but now that Im using it more its so easy you I think its best for you to go to your carrier mess around with the phone you lick and see what keyboard yiu like
the other things you've mention is also very good for the s4 I use mine for internet apps emails mostly surfing the internet so im very glad I got the s4
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necladatio : I am looking into getting a a plan from Virgin Mobile. I know virgin uses sprint towers. When I look at Verizon or AT&T maps they seem to show more coverage than sprints. Is Sprints service really spotty or is it good? I've checked plans and Sprint seems to offer more for less. $35 a month for unlimited text/data while AT&T is around $50.
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tiesiachush : Hello,

Going to study in France for a year and I've been searching the internet for the best/cheapest phone plans. I been debating on Sosh (Orange), B&You and Free.

I don't need my phone to call back to the US, just to call people in France and is wondering which plan is the best? The FREE 2euros/mo plan sounds wonderful (but i wonder if 2hrs is enuff call time) but I worry about the connection being shoddy. Which plan has the best connection? Thanks!
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FriendCharlie : If i temporary root my phone, change the font and reboot it, will the font go back to default or will it stay as I changed it?
--------it will go back to default, or, maybe, you brick your phone…. If you mod the system in anyway, and don’t keep it rooted, then the system will default back to the previous setting before the change, since you no longer have root. Worse case scenario is that the phone doesn’t change back to default upon reboot. You now have an internal conflict, unrooted ROM running a rooting font… Android wont allow it, so you will be in countless bootloop, that in my experience, not even a factory reset will fix it.

Is temporary rooting safer than permanent rooting?
-----------both have the same consequences.

Is the bricking hazard the same for both?
----------yes. You are ROOTING… I don’t give a $^! $# if you are rooting the phone with toothpicks from the local Red Wok Chinese diner down the road… hazard will be the same always

Once you brick a phone, is it un-repairable?
---------- depends on the brick… what you did… what it does and doesn’t do…… and make/model phone you have…. Popular phones tend to have RUUs and SBFs tools that cant fix anything. … non popular phones don’t have this luxury

Is it worth it? (As far as i know it is but i would like more opinions)
---------- this is an question only you can answer…. As a Mod, I WILL NOT answer this for you. You, as a android user, must learn what rooting is, what it does (internally), and the consequences (good and bad) of your actions. To me, its worth it. To my little, she thinks its stupid. So, read and research and gather your own conclusions… we all had to learn this way…
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