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Autobromix : I'm wondering how one can obtain a sizable number of liquid assets and, more simply, cash, by the time they're 25-35. This along with fixed and stable assets as well. A range anywhere from about $250K USD or above in disposable income per year.

Does anyone here earn that much, or know of, simply, how to obtain it? (Assume capital at age 23 to be $50K USD). Preferably low risk ideas, as well.

Responses like "Education (with no elaboration)" and/or "it's impossible (really unhelpful and untrue)" are not valued. I have at least slightly more than the layman's knowledge of business.

Thanks very much for all the answers in advance.
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rebeconcannyE : I've had my blackberry for three weeks and the trackpad was fine but now all of the silver lining has all rubbed off and it won't move sideways and its slow up and down, it only works when I'm using some cloth to move it, anyone know what to do? Don't bother saying "go to the shop" cos I cant
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roinemanath : I'm in 9th grade and I want a smartphone. Right now we pay 130 dollars and that's so much and I own a phone that I had for 4 years. So is there a family plan we plan on having 3 smartphones but what is the best deal. I ask my mom some times if I can get a smartphone but she says we pay so much what really bothers me its that kids make fun of me because I don't have a smartphone and I take all honors they so call me poor and smart and sh*t so I plan on getting a s3. What will be the best deal for a family of 3 and the cheapest family plan. Verizon
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pabby : I Been Planning On Getting A Galaxy S4 On T Mobile . I Visited The Website & It Said $0 Up Front . What Does This Mean ? Does It Mean I Pay Nothing At The Cashier & Just Select My Plan & They Give It To Me ?

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UsefeDerb : No You have to pay some amount a month for 2 years I think for galaxy s 4 it would be 20 dollers a month for 2 years or so and when you go to the cashier you get your phone and pay nothing but have to pay monthly for the phone + your bill.
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sonNeabyPoone : This is a contract plan with T-Mobile's new "Jump" Program. The plan includes (1) paying for the S4 monthly for 24 months; at $25 / month; plus a monthly fee for the wireless plan of $50/month. Website says: $50/month for the wireless plan and $25/month for the phone. Total monthly =$75.

Phone payment contract is 24 months = $600. If you cancel the wireless plan before 24 months, then the total amount of the phone plan is due then.

Normally only "Contract Carriers" offer discounted or free phones (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc); thus a 2 year contract is signed. Yet "Pre-Paid" Carriers do offer good phones with cheaper monthly plans (Boost, Virgin-Mobile, Verizon-Prepaid). Virgin-mobile has a $35/month Smartphone plan that is popular.

In my area (Indiana): Most "Contract Plans" for Smartphones are a minimum of $80/month and they discount the phone; I have an iPhone 5 on Sprint: the phone was $150, I pay $80/month, and signed a 2 year contract. Virgin-mobile has the iPhone 5 now; $550 for the phone, and the plans are $35, $45, or $55 based on calling time.
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Xenanicovan : bassically im on vodafone uk i bought a iphone 5 last yr when it came out now i can upgrade (u can upgrade 75 days before ur contract finishes) and im looking at the htc one will i have to pay again upfront i orignally payed £320 for the iphone 5 64gb nd 51 a month after that
if i upgrade will i have to pay upfront for the phone
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