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poopsicyday : Business homework :(

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Louisepolia1999 : It's like I would like to post an advertisement on bulletin boards, but I can't find such agencies who do this. Are there any?
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choolfrok : I haven't heard of any, but try a website like odesk to get people to post them for you.
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Conk525nfV : I recently bought a turbo from a guy on the forum who falsely advertised it was a twin scroll turbo. I have the conversation of him confirming it was a twin scroll, etc and paid the whopping $700 bucks for it. When I got it, it was not a twin scroll but something different that isn't compatible for my car. I have a picture of his license but i tried calling and texting but he doesn't respond. Is there anything that I can do to get my money back? I'm just upset that i paid $700 for something that wasn't what it was on the ad.
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FriendAbigail : File a civil claim and take him to court. False advertising is also a criminal crime so you can press charges.
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Norbdopocyrenx : travel advice to bangkok. travel advice to bangkok
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FriendNicholas : hide your wallet
dont stare them in the eyes
walk straight
pretend your on the phone at all times
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fetefesulty : dont take a ride in the tuk- tuk if you can help it. it would be best to take a cab, than the tuk- tuk, especially if your a foreigner. they are sure to charge you extra, than your supposed to pay them. be sure to have a reservation to hotel that you'll be staying, baiyoke suites had a nice view of bangkok, plus they have good foods at the sky lounge. and also, try visiting sampran elephant village and the floating market, its sure to be fun and exhausting. but you'll enjoy it.
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jeneIncizeped : What do you want to know?
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Cleascacy : First plan a budget out and know how much per night you can afford for your hotel. That way if you use one of the many travel forums for hotel advice you will have a price range to quote.

Why not start with your hometown library? Check out a travel guides on Thailand. Lonely Planet if you are trying to go cheap, Frommers and Fodors if you have more money to spend. TripAdvisor Forum is good for a little of everything.

Know what time of the year you want to travel. Now, November through February is the most popular for tourists, the weather is a little nicer and for Europe and N. America - those countries are cold! Thailand has summertime type weather all year long. Some months more heat or more rain but tourists show up every month of the year. November through February the most expensive hotels especially nearer Christmas and New Years holidays. Cheapest hotels summer months from June to September.

My advice for you is to try and get a flight to Bangkok that arrives during the day hours. You have more transportation choices including rail service and also get to stay in a hotel for the full night. Many travelers arrive late at night, they still pay the same rate for a hotel that others checked in around noon! Wait until you get to Thailand to change money over to Thai baht. No problem changing money at the airport 24 hours a day - coming and going! For credit and debit cards there is a fee of 150 baht to use an ATM so take out the most you can. Above travel forums and travel guides you borrow or buy will have more specifics.

Try to stay in Bangkok for a couple days at the beginning and a day or two at the end of your holiday. In between up to you. Even Bangkok has nice warm weather - not just beaches. If you intend to avoid Bangkok make sure you have sufficient time between connecting flights. Also Bangkok has 2 airports - know which airport you connecting flight leaves from. These airports are not close together.

Have fun.
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