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oblipspog : In September 2011 i bought 3 massage packages. I told the sales man that was selling them to me if i could return two if my aunt and friends wouldn't want them. He replied yes, and said all the money would be completely refundable as long as i had not used the massage passes yet.
Time passed and i did not end up needing two of them, i have been calling their office since November 2011 and still to this day ( February 27 2012) I cant seem to be able to get my money back.
It is always: " Give it 2 days"
"Let me call you back "
" Holiday was on monday, Give it 2 more days"....
"really? wow let me check it out. "

Its been like this like i said since November. Can I call BBB? or what can i do to have my money refunded?
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Entimbzit : I saw one advertised on Ebay and I know its something to do with blogging but I don't understand why anyone would want to read web or blog content that was generated by a machine and how it could be useful to the person posting it.
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srfecti644 : It creates lots of content for people that want to create tolts of pages on theyr site to go up int the search optimising ranking system. especially people that try to rip of systems like adsens from google to make money (witch is ilegal i belive). but i would not use it for any serious site.
Hope that helps
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zakladykliczko : Sounds too formal dear where's the fun in that?
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5metalleriew : Myself has ask a question and someone advertise other Q A site in answer !

Is myself an advertise board ?
Why does advertiser people advertise on Yippee Answers?
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VummaRoorbVag : I need to get from Budapest Int'l airport (Terminal 2) to Keleti train station. I would like to use the bus #200 as earlier suggested and then the subway (metro) system from K?bánya-Kispest, but I don't know how much money I will need in change and what tickets I'll need to buy - and where. Please let me know if you happen to have experienced the trip. Thanks a bunch.

PS: Also, please let me know how long it takes - approximately.
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Bocaaeropip : Hello, you will need two single tickets. One ticket costs 320HUF, You can buy these tickets (BKV ticket) at the news stand or post office at the airport. You take bus nr. 200E and use the first ticket. You use the second as you enter Metro nr. 3 (blue line) at K?bánya-Kispest. You travel to Deák Ferenc Tér and change to Metro line nr. 2 (red line) in direction Örs Vezér Tere. This takes you to Keleti pályaudvar. (You dont need another ticket for changing metro lines, the ticket is valid for one hour.)

If its a working day, the whole trip will take about 1 to 1,5 hour.

More info:
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celtics22 : Hi,
The airport is not as far from the centre as most airports, it takes approx 30 minutes to get from the airport to the metro station. There should be a machine somewhere around the Terminal that you can purchase a ticket from, if not you can buy on the bus, this is around 300 - 400 fts. When you get to the metro station purchase another ticket at the machines or from a booth (it's really easy) a single is 220fts. Remember to change at Deak Ferenc Ter to get onto the red line to Keleti, (it's about 20 mins from Kobanya to Keleti all in all). I'd have about 1000fts (about 5 dollars) on you.
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Loothemow : Hi all, I'm planning a visit in Rome in July, there will be me with my wife, 2 children and the parents of my wife.
I know that there's a coach to reach the city centre but I would like to be more comfortable, anyone has any suggestion?
Thank you!!
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vxperhapslh : You can rent a car with driver if you want the maximum comfort. Here is a site that can help you on this:
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