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Koposogie : using beverages company like coca cola as example

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hahAltessyrar : is anyone get paid from site, where u click for advertisment and get paid
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orabashioks : I live in an ancient city in Iran, my city has a plenty of historic building ( more than 3000 years), very tall and beautiful mountains and pure Persian culture. I am a professional mountain climber and I have tour leader certification. I can help tourist who like to see my city or my country and I want to initiate a tourist business in my city.
But now-days my country (Iran) is under sanctions and less people like to come Iran, but here is a safe and very beautiful country. How I can advertise and invite tourist to my country and my city and what is the best way to progress in my plan???
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Dornorenterne : First you should have enough knowledge on tour operating, handling local tourist and tourism marketing.
then you might have enough money to start a tour operating company which needs quiet lots of money, or you want to work with an existing tour operator.
tour operator companies generally help you to charter flights, contract hotels, transfer tourist by their bus, and etc.. but they must be 100% sure that your location has the capacity to receive foreign tourist. for that you need to talk to some governors who can decide for the tourism planing in your region, e.g Mayor or the consulates or members of city council.
I do not want to disappoint you but you have a very long way to go, but if you follow the instructions, you will definitely be successful. For further questions please do not hesitate to contact me with the email address :
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Vidsgaga : I am near the downtown bus station on 4th street in Winston Salem. What buses do I take to get to GSO?

Please and thank you!!
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sonNeabyPoone : You need the PART Bus (All black with red lettering). Catch it at the Transit Center (corner of 5th and N. Liberty) Downtown. Take it to the PART Hub in Greensboro. Ask the driver how to get to the airport from there on the Greensboro bus system.
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forexnewbiexg : My husband and I are booking a trip to Italy next month. I have had some mixed reviews on where to visit and stay. We only have 8 days (because thats all his work allows). We dont have a lot of time so we might only really get to do 3 big cities. One source said skip Rome and land in Milan (large airport) and do Florence, Tuscany, Venice, etc. Other said do the opposite. Fly into Rome and axe Milan (but still do Florence, Tuscany,etc). Kinda confused now. Any suggestion, reviews, or warnings??
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SpovaInnope : It's all good. Just pick the two places you're most curious about and go there. And get a good tourist travel guide book for both places, you won't regret it.

Don't drive. Italians are LOVELY, but total nutters behind the wheel of a car, so you don't want to get caught in that. Take the train, enjoy the two cities you pick.
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chopilborgorb : Rome-Florence- Milano-Venice
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Faceblate : It depends on what you like the most.

If this would be the first time in Italy then you should start with Rome and just stay in Rome for 8 days. It would be barely enough to see the city. You should start with Rome because here is where you have 70% of the cultural assets of the country. It is the capital of the country and it is where everything started. Once you have better understood Rome, the rest would be easier to understand.

If you don't want to stay in Rome for one week, then you should avoid Rome completely. Going to Rome for just three days would make you just unsatisfied. You would run all the time trying to see everything and would miss the best of it.

If you want to skip Rome then you should decide if you prefer to go North, Center or South.

Here is what you could do in 8 days, if you skip Rome:
A. CENTER: Go to Florence, spend 4 days there visiting the city, then rent a car and visit one day Pisa, one day Siena, one day San Gimignano and one day the Chianti area.
B. CENTER: Go one week in the region Marche near the sea (Senigallia, Porto Recanati, Civitanova Marche, Porto S. Giorgio), spend your mornings on the beach and use the late afternoon and evenings to tour the medieval cities in the inland (Loreto, Recanati, S. Severino Marche, Fermo etc)
C. SOUTH: Go to Naples 3 days and then rent a car and spend the rest along the coast (Capri, Amalfi etc.) and spend one day in Pompei.
D. SOUTH: Go to Sicily. Rent a place in Siracusa. Spend your mornings on the beach and the late afternoon to tour the city and the rest of Sicily (Catania, Taormina, Etna Volcano etc.)
E. NORTH: Go to Milan and spend 3 days to tour the city and then visit Brescia, Como and the cities around the lake of Como.
F. NORTH: Go to Venice, spend three days to visit Venice. Then rent a car and visit Verona, Padova, Mantova and the Garda lake.

I believe that the main problem on your original idea depends on the wrong estimation of distances and time needed to tour a certain city. In example to go from Rome to Milan would take 7 hours driving. To go from Milan to Venice it takes 4 hours driving. To go from Venice to Florence it takes 8 hours driving.

If you have just 8 days, you should optimize the time you have to get the best out of the trip.

To make your own mind regarding the places I have described above, you can have a look at this website:
In addition to apartments rentals (which is a good alternative to hotels) this site has a concise description of all Italian regions with photos so you can make your own mind about it.
For Rome, look under Latium. For Florence, look under Tuscany. For the region Marche, look under Marche. For Naples look under Campania. For Sicily look under Sicily. For Milan, look under Lombardy. For Venice, look under Veneto.

Hope this helped.
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