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weebrorge : Hook Pigeon Review? Anybody has Hook Pigeon Bonus? I heard Hook Pigeon is one of the hottest launch in internet online marketing which will het thousands of visitors to your site. Can anybody please direct me to link to buy Hook Pigeon?

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Creweemaima : got that right. Hook Pigeon is a huge launch and you do not want to miss to buy this. You can find Hook Pigeon Reviews here

Do not miss to buy this. Chris Munch has great experience in online marketing. There is no doubt that this can bring results and send viral traffic to your site.
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nanette997 : I have an essay to do for business. We have to choose a company and critically review the marketing approach and corporate communications approach the company uses to communicate ideas and information about the company itself and its products.

There's so much jargon on this course and no explanations!
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DumArrada : My Honors English group has to create a commercial of something we "invented" and advertise it showing two persuasive techiques. Ex: last year someone did "Dont give a crack" and advertised a hammer (dont give a crack) and cracked boiled eggs with it. for persuasive techiques they used plain folk and glittering generalities.
But what I need is an idea of something to "sell".. prefer something funny :)
please help, we're shooting blanks :(
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Etepsips : the cost from surathani airport to koh samui. the cost from surathani airport to koh samui
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SageStigmamex : They have travel agency at airport can arrange from 400 to 500 baht per person transportation to the pier and the ferry trip to Koh Samui

That's a fact Jack
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heageweesee : 300 baht...FACT
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BestWilliamikv : Do not pay ,more than 400 BHT.
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Peawbasledefe2007 : Hi, I'm hoping to go backpacking next year and I was wondering if people could give me any information about what I would need to know or from any past experiences that you may have had.

I'm from the UK if that affects any information

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Steelioth : * Stay in youth hostels and backpacker lodges, you will save much more money than staying in a hotel, and you meet plenty of like-minded people.

* Get a good guide book such as Rough Guides or Lonely Planet. These are very informative and interesting to read. Know about your destinations beforehand, and you will get that sense of wonderment when you come across them.

* Use a good phrasebook (I recommend Lonely Planet ones) because local people appreciate effort.

* Email a list of important numbers etc to yourself and somebody else, then if any documentation goes missing, you will have a back-up copy all in one place.

* Try going off the beaten track for a day or so. You will get away from the tourist rush, see the 'real' areas of your destination, and you can also come across hidden treasures.

* Be aware of local customs, such as covering limbs when touring round religious or conservative areas.

* Eat in a different restaurant/eatery each night. You will spread the wealth to different places, and the local economy might be in a country which really needs it.

* Beware of pickpockets. Violent crime is rare, but pickpockets can be a problem. Take off your backpack and carry it whilst on public transport. Wear a money belt and attach it to you with a large paperclip. Always know where your valuables are. Beware of certain 'pickpocket demographics' (gypsies, North Africans, Asians, and South Americans). Stay alert in pickpocket locations (burger bars, internet cafes, metro trains, ticket machines in metro stations, wherever large groups of people are gathered).

* Be a bit wary of anyone who asks you if you speak English. They could be pickpockets, professional beggars, or they could be lost tourists. If suspicious, pretend that you don't speak English. It usually works.

* For all of the major tourist cities in Europe you can get a Pop-Out map, which gives you about 5 maps on one map which you can fit into your pocket. These are very detailed (they also usually include a map of the metro system) and look out for the 'binocular' symbol on their city maps: these indicate places which have great viewpoints and/or photo opportunities.

* Get a good heavy-duty padlock for lockers.

* PARIS (Sacre Coeur/Montmartre on Sunday morning, Bastille on Saturday afternoon, Louvre Pyramid at night). BARCELONA (Tibidabo views, Sagrada Famillia and seafront walk on a Sunday morning). LISBON (Belem). AMSTERDAM (Jordaan). BERLIN (Tiergarten on a sunny afternoon, outer areas to see the last existing stretches of the Berlin Wall).

* If in Rome, don't go to the Sistine Chapel early on or late in the day; go between 1 and 2pm when everybody is at lunch and you will still avoid the crowds. Start at the top and work your way down.

* There is nothing better than sitting in a cafe and people watching.

* ATHENS (Piraeus is better than people say, walk round the base of the Acropolis at night). ISTANBUL (Beyoglu nightlife, land walls). RHODES TOWN (four different architectural styles in the Old Town). BUDAPEST (House of Terror Museum).

* Eating local food and drink is very rewarding.

* Go to the occasional city which isn't necessarily on the tourist or the backpacker trail (Oporto, Zaragoza, Valencia, Marseille, Thessaloniki, Rotterdam, Ankara).

* Travelling overland by rail can be rewarding, interesting, and cheaper.

* Make a list of authentic things that you see or experience, in each destination.

* Beware of touts for things such as taxis or rooms. If you get 'jumped' on by taxi touts at airports, bypass them because they are usually more expensive and the tout will ask for a tip. Go to the information desk, and ask which companies to use.

* STA Travel are fantastic for the backpacker market. With them you can book flights, accommodation, insurance, visas, guided tours and even airport transfer, all for really good prices. I have booked many trips with them and keep on wanting to go back. Their staff are also really knowledgeable.

* See about getting to a good high up viewpoint in any city you visit - tall buildings with observation decks (Eiffel Tower, Berlin TV Tower etc) or hills with good vistas (Primrose Hill in London, Sacre Coeur in Paris, Tibidabo in Barcelona). You will be greatly rewarded.

* Good times to visit are in the shoulder seasons: late May-early June for central Europe, late June for northern Europe, and September for southern Europe. At these times, it is a little bit cooler and less humid (but still very good) and cheaper.
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