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KWSteven : Although Sony's mini disc recorder/player was a huge hit in Japan, initial response to the mini disc in the us market was lukewarm. When Sony mounted its third official attempt to launch its mini disc in the united states, it thought it finally had the right formula. A Sony executive noted " This time around we've done our homework, and we've found out whats in consumers heads" What type of research do you think Sony used to get inside the heads" of its target market? Do you think different cultures prefer to conduct certain types of market research? Explain.

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Inwance : i have been getting clicks to my site but no buyers what am i doing wrong
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upsellweast : Google's AdSense can help anyone with an online presence generate extra income by providing them with content-relevant ads.
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BreamsEasesia : yes, google adsense is best.
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bouhambiffKib : i have been running a series of 2d online games for almost 2 years now which are epic, but i have no one to share it to. apparently just sending them to the internet isn't enough to get them seen. can someone help me?
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cragfargo : washington regan airport located. washington regan airport located
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Sleeryrub : Please go to the URL below.
To get the information was as easy as typing in Washington Rea into google search, then you look down and click on what you see as Washington Reagan Airport. Could not be easier and a lot faster than asking the question.

Go ahead and click on the source, then read and look at the photographs and you will have the information.
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Toomadyettasy : It's on the Virginia side of the Potomac a little bit south of the Pentagon and DC proper. It's the best of the three area airports to fly into as it's the closest to downtown and also the only one that connects directly to the metro (subway) system.
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Loasiarog : It is located in Arlington, Virginia, just across the Potomac River from Washington, DC.

It is by far the closest airport to downtown Washington, DC. There is a Metro subway station there--in 10 minutes you can be downtown.

Both Dulles International Airport and BWI Marshall Airport are much further from downtown, and have fewer transportation options.
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HogapalaMaipt : We want to purchase eurostar train tickets from Rome to Florence before our trip in August. If our flight from London (LHR) lands at 2:20pm/1420, can we make a 4:20pm/1620 eurostar train? We will first take a train from the Rome airport to Roma Termini Station. How much time do we need to clear customs and get to the Eurostar train and should we target a different time?
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