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scoorrido : I need to write a long dissertation for business and I am having trouble finding a topic.
It has to be really specific as in focusing on one or two companies. I would also like it to relate to either branding social networking or marketing strategies;

Any ideas are welcome
thank you
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Jugacargo : I have been offered a position to sell advertisement for a serious and highly visited website. The position is solely based on commissions. How high are those commissions in average? Please, be aware I am selling advertisement packages on a monthly basis, not pay-per-click, page impressions and whatsoever.
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esyez011 : So I was on a reality TV show that is airing now. It is a reality tv show on video games. I have about 500 followers but the number is going up as the show is still airing. I was wondering if this is enough to make money? I am very active and the people on my page are incredibly active. I know videogames do a lot of advertising so I was wondering if this was enough to make some $$$? Any rough estimate of what i could make?
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ivilus :
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geseamili : To be honest 500 followers is a very small amount to make money of. But that being said you can try many Twitter approved ad networks like Adly, etc. that enable you to tweet sponsor tweets and get paid for it. It might not be a great payout but can help you and keep you motivated. Tweet interesting content and continue building up your followers.

TechTip: Follow interesting groups on Twitter and . This enables you to get more followers.

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Pawwrercesata : It's really very easy for me after I found out about KEEKO. This is a social media exchange where you can get followers on Twitter without advertising it. All you have to do is submit your username there without "@" and wait for your followers to grow.

Having a lot of twitter followers can increase your online credibility and boost your online presence......
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yughkygsrlxh : I have an uncle who was buried there after being shot down in 1944. One of my 'bucket list' items is to visit his gravesite. I believe that this village is very close to the Dijon airport. Can anyone tell me how to get around in this area? Rental cars? Public transportation etc etc. Thank you in advance.
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ReomserepTesy : You can get to Dijon from Paris (gare de Lyon) by train. The TGV takes about 1h 40 minutes. From there you could hire a car or take a taxi. The airport has flights from Nantes, Bordeaux and Toulouse, si unless you are coming from one of those towns this is not very helpful. The buses look complicated!
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NampDeemid : I have flown with easyjet many times and have never yet known them to over book and refuse someone a seat on the aircraft they have a very good record and only cancel a flight with a very good reason and then they will get you on another flight asap.
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DavidVH : Go ahead and book but don't bother with speedy boarding. At some airports that don't have jet bridges, on to the aircraft, speedy boarding often turns out to be a waste of money. In any case you say that where you are seated on the aircraft is not a concern. EasyJet do NOT overbook and also there would have to be a very good reason for them to cancel a flight. You will be travelling with the UK's largest passenger carrying airline, on a modern aircraft, so they are actually highly thought of by the majority of their fare paying customers.

I've probably flown with EasyJet on more than 70 occasions and have never been anything other than satisfied with the service.
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