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Roafjoydayfew : Software that can auto your article writing,submitting,spinning.

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aogokaoy :
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Coarmarib : Pay Per Call is a new advertising service in the search engine marketing revolution. There are millions of companies in the USA, most of them are small to medium sized businesses which do not have websites will definitely benefit from this new service, While pay per click is paid service which you have paid to posted on the search engine..
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dsyez001 : Im starting up a blog and I kind of want to get the word out.. anyway to do this with out spending money? thanks
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malopivva : There is actually a website promoted to just that, its called free social network builder and in it you can get a lot of free traffic plus the ability to build all social networks, I found it online a few days ago and have been getting a lot of free traffic. All the services there for traffic are free and do in fact work. Great for blogs and just websites in general

Working out for me and sure it can for you also.

Awesome for wordpress and blogger btw
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Jervedriple : Start out on Y/A's.
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jametesteClef : Gonna be honest with you here there is no such thing as FREE. There are ways to get your product out there that do not cost money, but they will cost you time. I would suggest getting an account with Ezine articles, and begin submitting articles about your blog. It is a slow methodical process but the more you submit the better the results. Plus you can sign up to multiple article submission sites and submit the same article to multiple sites but do ezine articles first and once they approve and post your article then submit it to other sites. Hope this helps
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OthefShoratte : You definitely have to make sure you post your link on any post you make, such as this one. This would've been a great start. Also, you have to go to other similar blogs and leave your link and comment on their posts so that you can basically be a part of their blogging community.

Good Luck!
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asdrjh536 : Hi, I am thinking of travelling to Phuket in July for three weeks, accommodation is sorted so I just need a rough figure. I'll be spending my money on food (probably three meals a day, they'll vary between market food and restaurants), excursions at the weekend, souveniers and airport pick up and drop off. If I've missed any info out, let me know and thanks in advance. P.s how is the weather in July, because I know it'll be monsoon season but I read it's different for Phuket that time of year.
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Vessnurry : I guess you mean the cost of visiting vs the cost of living. When you live in Thailand it is cheaper than just visiting.

Other than Phuket, transportation costs are very reasonable in Thailand. Phuket is expensive for transportation when compared to cheaper cities in Thailand. Too bad you already booked your hotel rooms because in July there are many hotels with good discounts since it is off season. Even Bangkok is cheaper than Phuket especially when you factor in the availability of cheap transportation. (If Bangkok is not on your schedule it would be like a tourist visiting France and avoiding Paris or visiting England and not seeing London!)

When you say "rainy season" instead of monsoon the weather sounds a little less threatening. There are other beach areas in Thailand where the weather is more predictable but you should have a good time in Phuket too! Read up on the weather link below. Most of the time the rain stops in a few hours and the sun returns.

Not every tourist spends money the same way. Street food and food courts are cheap. But you can blow any savings you get on cheap food by dining at expensive restaurants! Same for cheap alcohol at a beer bar vs an expensive nightclub. Also for booking tours, you can go with a private tour company that takes only you to various places or get a cheaper shared tour through local travel agencies that you book as you need them. You often can sign on to a tour one day and leave the next morning.

You can buy tourist stuff from street vendors for 50 baht on up. When you bargain, you could pay 400 or 500 baht for a t-shirt that another tourist pays only 100 baht. Google up "cost and prices for food and drink in Thailand" and you will get many links. Travel forums like TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet have hundreds of links on this subject. Even some travel guides have price lists. Most of the time food is pretty cheap in Thailand unless you choose expensive places to eat at.

Tourists who stay in expensive hotels often have expensive tastes and spend more elsewhere. Someone in a cheap budget guest house usually spends less. Have a debit card available if you find yourself running out of cash too fast.

Good luck.
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