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paasathkaqaas : I'm working on a report for a Marketing/Innovations class at school and am kinda of stuck and was hoping someone that has some marketing experience could give me some assistance....

The assignment is to come up with a product of some sort and market involves multiple sections but the one that I'm stuck on is the Customer Audience & Product outreach.

Essentially what I'm doing is a elastic type band that could be inserted in shoes for extra protection from injury.

I have my markets set as such: Primary (Men Ages 21-40) Secondary (Women Ages 21-40) Tertiary: Seniors (Ages 50 & Up).

One of the main points that I need to emphases on each is detailing all three markets and I'm just not really sure how to even start/go on this.

I mean clearly the first two markets are that way because I'm aiming to athletic adults and that seems like the most likely group to purchase but as far as details on in depth descriptions of my markets, I'm struggling and was hoping someone could give me some assistance or at the very least, some advice to get me going here.

Thank you
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2qot54rt74o :
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lummnhkswcaax : Try the "penetration" pricing strategy.
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cheernacatova : Before you tend to become overly active and waste money on changing strategy or campaigns, find out why the product does not sell, by a survey for example
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4seoonekenobl : What are the benefits of your product? Be very specific when defining them.
Why should a customer buy your product over a competitor's poduct? (what's your USP?)
What's your target market / audience?
Before defining any marketing or sales strategy, the fundamentals have to be specified clearly.
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camarok : You'll want a campaign targeted to address the reason people aren't buying, which means you have to find that out first. Do people find the product too pricy? Lower the price or amp up the value. Is it hard to use? Fix it, and advertise it's ease. Do people not know what excatly you're product is for? Make you so display that better in the ads.

Take a survey; in person, online, what ever you can, figure out peoples opinions of your product (or service), fix the issues, and then market the changes. It's similar to what Domino's most recent campaign is doing.
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wpthwddc : We have to much advertising on my mail site that i do not want especially find a girl friend also the same on my wife site offering boy friend how can i cansel the advert
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EromsMestcems : Hi. I'm thinking of coming to Israel for several weeks in future and possibly looking to expand my stay for several months if possible.

Do Kibbutz schemes still run in Israel? I'm not too fussed about the work and I'm willing to do manual labor, but does anyone know of any schemes currently running in Israel for a foreigner to come and work in Israel in turn for accommodation being provided?

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JanoNease : Sure you can, sure there are

How to Enlist

How do you become a volunteer? If you’re in Israel, simply go to the Kibbutz Program Center at 18 Frishman St., Tel Aviv; 011-972-3-5278874 or 011-972-3-5246156, fax 011-972-3-5239966; You may also try to contact the kibbutz directly, although some kibbutzim prefer that you use the Kibbutz Program Center,

In the U.S. contact: Kibbutz Program Center,; The web site for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs is

Official kibbutz representatives (a list is available through the Kibbutz Movement or on the Internet at in almost every country will arrange a volunteer stay for you after conducting an interview. They will answer your questions, book your ticket, and reserve a place for you on a kibbutz. In some cases, the agency will provide free transportation from the airport in Tel Aviv to the kibbutz; some will even send a representative to visit you on the kibbutz to see how you’re doing.
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IrredsPruri : "Schemes"? What are you referring to?

There are still Kibbutzim. They run. They generally accept people who want to volunteer there, in exchange for living...
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