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LYxaasysyas : Or, is it a Hoax? Especially, World Wide Data Entry program?

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Sleeryrub : I know nothing about the program you mentioned but anything to do about data entry at home can be a major problem.

Yes you can make money being an affiliate but it takes time and energy. It doesn't happen over night as it takes awhile to build a good size mailing list.There's lots of free and paid info on being a successful affiliate marketer - just google for it.
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2qot54rt74o : The vast majority of work at home "opportunities" offered on the web are some sort of scam, one 'expert' on an ABC TV report stated that 53 out of 54 offers are some kind of scam. Data entry is up there on the scam list, and is most likely to be a poor paying chore done mainly by 3rd world economy workers.

Data entry is not really a part of Affiliate Marketing, other than getting a commission for recruiting others to join or calling your outsourced blog comment spammers used for SEO purposes your data entry workers.

The majority who venture into Affiliate Marketing fail without making significant money, those who do succeed, and some do quite well treat it like a real business and are prepared to experience several failures in the learning/prospecting process. One forum know for being frequented by mostly rookies is, reading through the conversations should give you an ideal for he actual processes involved, you can find some there reporting they have been dabbling at it for a year and have still not profited.
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Sleeryrub : I have a phone interview for a marketing position and they have asked me to name any brand that fails to engage with young consumers (i'm guessing ages 15 - 24)?
Thanks :)
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SessNeiny : I think 2 good examples of this are Sears and JC Penny who seem to be regarded as "old dinosaurs" by younger consumers. They associate these stores with their parents and grandparents eras. Proof? Look at how many times they have tried to "re-invent" themselves the past few years. Both did not do well over the Christmas season this last year and as a result, Sears is closing down a number of locations.
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pounseInsug : We are planning to introduce a new product to the brittish market. Our problem is, that all promotional gifts and give-aways offered are boring and nothing special. We are not looking for pens or key chains but for custom made give-aways that will be remembered and used of our future clients. Any suggestions?
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xiaozh5p : I've used a couple before and manage to find a good company based in Germany (they speak perfect English though).

I was wanting to have some small solar panel keyring lights made with a company logo on which they manage to get for me at a good price - quality was good as well. They are the only company that have actually done as they promised so I've been back a few times to order various bits and bobs and they have always delivered.
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csyez016 : It is actually my first time around with my family in HK. We are a family of 5, 3 kids and two adults. We've decided not to book any trips along with tour guides and just decided on figuring out the places on our own. We already booked a 3-day trip this New Year and have already the tickets for arrival and departure. However, we have not booked any hotels or planned on the places and sites we are going to and we do not have any idea how to go about the different places through public transportation. Here are some follow-up questions I'd really need help and advice on:

1.) What are some cheap budget hotels which are located in the city and is not very far from the main attractions?
2.) How do we travel there and find our way through the places?
3.) How can we get to Disneyland? (depending also on the budget hotel's location)
4.) Are there any buses or airport transfer which lead us to our hotel from the airport and vice versa?
5.) Best places to dine and see?
6.) Are clothes, gadgets, food and the like, expensive there?
7.) Any advice about HK on a New Year? (especially with a lot of people and busy streets and everything)
8.) What's the best way to celebrate the New Year there?

I guess those are all my questions. I am really excited to go but I am really worried about how we are ever going to enjoy the trip since we literally haven't planned out any itinerary yet. Anyone please HELP. It would mean A LOT.

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Norbdopocyrenx : you are so organized. i never plan my trips out. i just go and hope for the best.

well, kv's already answered everything. have a good trip.
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JHhee : It's already the end of the first week in November: if you haven't booked accommodation, DO IT NOW. Hong Kong can get very booked up around Christmas and New Year.

Don't waste time on Disneyland: you're in HONG KONG! Instead, visit the scary Tiger Balm Gardens in Causeway Bay, and take a long slow tram ride from Western district right to the end of the line. Come back on the tram via Happy Valley.
A great place for tourist-friendly good food is Jade Garden in Star House near the Kowloon terminal of the Star Ferry. The staff are used to foreigners, and the food is excellent and while not cheap, certainly not expensive either.
Take a walk in the Botanic Gardens on Hong Kong island, and whatever you do, be SURE to take the Star Ferry once each way, including at night time. The subway is faster but sometimes you have to take the slow, scenic, magical route instead.
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