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grearoriure : I am starting to import soccer jerseys from china and selling them on ebay for a good price. They are really good quality and i was looking in maybe expanding the business in the future to maybe a all around sports store on ebay or a more specialized soccer store.

Is this a good market to get into? Cuz there are many people doing this already. Which idea is better spoting goods or just soccer?

Should i do this? Or stick to just jerseys?

Also what other products would i sell if i do go through with this ?
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epheropet : Search the items you wish to sell on ebay. Check what is currently being sold and the prices to get an idea of the supply. Then look at completed listings to get an idea of the demand.

Likely the profit margins are going to be low unless you have a good supplier deal. Be sure you can shift the stock fast enough if there is alot of competition.

If you can offer specialized advice and knowledge on what you are selling that is a plus. People will buy from you even if it is the same product that another cheaper seller has in my experience.
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poopsicyday : Business homework :(
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chopilborgorb :
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camarok : Me and my friend were visiting Copenhagen for the weekend. Not used to European metros, i purchased a 2 zone ticket. I assumed this would allow me to travel two times, if I only used it one zone each way. On my way back to the airport, i presented this ticket to an inspector, and was fined 750 KRR. My friend the same. I tried to plead my case, but ultimately was unsuccessful. I offered to purchase a new ticket, as we had come to a full stop at the airport, but once again, no success. In addition to my original though process being incorrect (2 zones -> 1 each way), I was also told my ticket only lasted 1 hour. Regardless, my ticket was worthless at this point, and the inspector gave me no other option than to pay the fine. She took down my US Driver license info, and gave me the ticket. I tried to email with my explanation for what had occurred, to see if I could either get a fine reduction or something, but I have not gotten a response yet. It says on the ticket the fine will increase after 14 days, but I do not intend on paying this fine in full, as it was an honest mistake, not to mention I am a student who is without income studying abroad. Is there an additional email address that I can contact in an effort to argue this fine? In another scenario, if i simply refuse to pay this fine, what will occur?
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csyez028 : Nothing, these things happen all the time, foreigners run away not just from public transportation fines but also from telephone bills. It would be too expensive for the companies to pursue such small amounts.

I personally know a handful of people - exchange students mostly - who have left the country with telephone bills up to 6000 kr and 750 kr. metro fines.

You and your friend can just forget about it, nothing is going to happen.
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csyez029 : You get a 2 year train ban.

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murenlemshand : how far is burbank to hollywood on average
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AvedaCleava : Depending on traffic, about 20-30 minutes or so
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ChemeWhibre : You have a few options, depending where you are and where you're going.

If you happen to be in east Burbank near the airport and are going to places near the Greek Theater or in Silver Lake/Los Feliz areas, you can take either Riverside Drive or Victory and then go through Griffith Park and avoid the 5 freeway if it's during rush hour. Going this way, you'll end up in Los Feliz pretty quick. This should take about 20-30 minutes during rush hour, or less if you hop down the 5 during non-rush hour times.

You could also go up Barham and get onto the 101, or instead of getting on the 101, you could take Cahuenga down to Highland, or take Cahuenga over the bridge by the Ford Theater and end up back on Cahuenga.

If you're going into West Hollywood, your best option is Laurel Canyon, rush hour or no. Either from the freeway, or via streets, going this way will save you the time and headache of having to go down Barham, over Cahuenga, down Highland and across Franklin, Sunset or Hollywood Blvds. By the time you did all of that, you could have gone over Laurel Canyon just as quick, sometimes quicker. This trip should take about 30-40 minutes.

It all depends on where you're going and when. I've been on Barham when it took me almost 30 minutes from the bottom of Barham (where it curves around and becomes Olive Ave) to where it ends at Cahuenga. I've also been on Barham with no traffic when the exact same trip took about 2 minutes.

On average, I'll ballpark it at between 20-30 minutes, give or take.
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