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Reersumbere :

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ericl2299 : Design calendars with a different product displayed for each month. Make your products the star of your own calendar printing piece.
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oblipspog : In September 2011 i bought 3 massage packages. I told the sales man that was selling them to me if i could return two if my aunt and friends wouldn't want them. He replied yes, and said all the money would be completely refundable as long as i had not used the massage passes yet.
Time passed and i did not end up needing two of them, i have been calling their office since November 2011 and still to this day ( February 27 2012) I cant seem to be able to get my money back.
It is always: " Give it 2 days"
"Let me call you back "
" Holiday was on monday, Give it 2 more days"....
"really? wow let me check it out. "

Its been like this like i said since November. Can I call BBB? or what can i do to have my money refunded?
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illushunlariA : I am having a blog i.e.. I want to advertise it on's home page's top I want to know that what is the cost of it and How can I advertise my blog there.
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Broumenn : It would cost tens of thousands
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mejdawdkrg : is philadelphia nice country to visit. is philadelphia nice country to visit
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emibegomSit : Philadelphia is not a country...
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theomarttesi : HA philadelphia is a city not a country
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madelyn379 : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Is a Major metropolitan city. It has a long US history dating back to colonial times. It has many attractions associated with that history as well as attractions well know to a metropolis of it's calibre. Such as Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Museums, Small Hotels, Large hotels, Fine Dining, Sports Complexes, International Airport. It is a Major US tourist destination. It boasts fine Universities, Fine housing, private/public transportation system. And a 'triple A' public education system. All is quite well in Philadelphia.
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hiegululnenny : If your open-minded yes. And its not a country.
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