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DevyDywob :

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weebrorge : Hook Pigeon Review? Anybody has Hook Pigeon Bonus? I heard Hook Pigeon is one of the hottest launch in internet online marketing which will het thousands of visitors to your site. Can anybody please direct me to link to buy Hook Pigeon?

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Creweemaima : got that right. Hook Pigeon is a huge launch and you do not want to miss to buy this. You can find Hook Pigeon Reviews here

Do not miss to buy this. Chris Munch has great experience in online marketing. There is no doubt that this can bring results and send viral traffic to your site.
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JohnMalkovitzch : What's changed since then? Is it very different?
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josede73sk : very well compatitive
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Tipamike : Mumbai, India or Bangkok, Thailand?
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Ptnolermep : Both Mumbai and India are good places to visit but for the first time visitor to Asia Thailand will be less of a culture shock and tourism is better organized.


I would pick Bangkok for the safer city any day! Although Thailand is a smaller country they get over three times as many tourists in a year as India.

Often you see photos of trains in India covered with roof riders - you don't see that in Thailand! You even read about those roof riders dying because of low hanging cables, etc. Not to mention you always read about Indian ferry boats sinking every year. Traffic and other transportation is better organized in Thailand.


Thailand does tourism better. Bangkok has excellent city transportation including rail service in the city and from the Suvarnabhumi Airport to the city and subway to the national train station, Hualamphong. Excellent and cheap bus service in Bngkok too. Meter taxis are cheap to use in Bangkok providing you use the meter! From the airport meter taxis are regulated and available 24 hours a day.

I think the food is better in Thailand, definitely cleaner. Modern malls available all over the country. For most tourists Thailand is much easier to enter.

Bottom line is that more repeat tourists visit Thailand than India. For Thailand almost one million Indian tourists visited there last year.
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SwonMentsMece : I would vote for Bangkok!!
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Aripooh0013 : Bangkok is safer than Mumbai and any other city of India. If you are a traveler or Interest about South Asia ! you can view the forum post ( Thorn Tree of TripAdvisor ) to make sure. Mumbai is a city of Pick pocketing, murder and rape, but famous for Bollywood.
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unwrelemfu : Probably the return flight.

Going First Class and returning Economy always results in an unfavorable comparison on the way back. Also, one perk of First Class is free drinks, which may not apply if you are traveling in the morning.

A factor to check is lounge access before the flight. For example, if the airline has a lounge in LA but not at MSY that could be a decider. If you are on Delta there is a Sky Club in New Orleans, but I don't think any of the other airlines have a lounge at MSY.
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