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Tevyemalm : I put google adsense up i have lots of money now butmay you go click on them please?
Thanks you !

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scoorrido : I need to write a long dissertation for business and I am having trouble finding a topic.
It has to be really specific as in focusing on one or two companies. I would also like it to relate to either branding social networking or marketing strategies;

Any ideas are welcome
thank you
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Easereoda : What type of market structure does Macy's belong in?

Perfect competition
Monopolistic Competition

This isn't a question on a test or anything, I'm just wondering which one it most likely belongs in. I don't think it's monopoly or Oligopoly...
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BromRamimer : "Monopolistic competition is a type of imperfect competition such that competing producers sell products that are differentiated from one another as good but not perfect substitutes (such as from branding, quality, or location)." Seems to be that
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grearoriure : I am flying from the US to Dubai (Virgin Atlantic), staying a week. Then Dubai to Ethiopia (Emirates), staying 6 months.

The Emirates flight allows only 1 piece since it's not international, but the site says "If your first flight is not with Emirates, the baggage policy of the first carrier may apply to the whole itinerary. This is due to US Department of Transportation regulations, which require airlines to apply the baggage policy of the first carrier of the journey to the whole itinerary."

I spoke with a rude representative who said that it doesn't matter that I'm coming from the US since I'll be in Dubai a week. I really need at least 2 bags as I will be living in Ethiopia for 6 months (personal items as well as gifts to family). I understand that it's two separate flights and I would let this go, but the price for an extra bag is absurd (~$220 extra for every 20lbs). Is this a losing battle? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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Plaulmivisual : The U.S. baggage allowance would only apply on a continuing flight within 8 hours. Emirates rules apply for the flight to Bole Airport since you interrupt your journey in Dubai.

The standard allowance on economy is 30 kilograms. You will be allowed to take any number of items with a combined total weight of 66 lbs.

You cam purchase additional weight at the following rates:
up to 5 kg (11 lbs) — AED 440 - $120
up to 10 kg (22 lbs) — AED 880 - $240
up to 15 kg (33 lbs) — AED 1320 - $360

Access baggage rates at the airport are AED 110 - $30 per kilogram (2.2 lbs).

Source(s): ..
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anydayerast : If your flights are less than 24 hrs you might be able to get away with continual flight. I would take my ticket the overseas portion and negociate call the manager,
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ziperhapsem : The rep. you spoke with may or may not have been rude but he/she told you how it is. You either pay the obscene extra bag charges or find some other way to ship it from Dubai to Ethiopia.
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dyelommaccelp : my mother is traveling to the airport and would need first of all a bus or train or car to take her to the airport from Ridgecrest, CA to Santa Ana, CA. But all the cars we found cost about $300, so that's no good. Instead, she can get herself there, but the parking at the airport is between $14 and $17 a day, and she'll be gone for 9 days!. where is a good, very cheap place to park in or around town with a free or cheap shuttle/bus to the airport?
i understand there are closer airports, but i did my looking around for a while and i got the cheapest ticket out of all the airports i searched. from ONT or Burbank or Bakersfield, the tickets are around $100-$300 more expensive than the one i found for $300 from SNA to BNA ( nashville, tn ) its already paid for and taken care of, so i wasnt asking a for a closer port, i was asking for parking advice. thanks!
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Cheenlyhoaree : why are you going so far ? there are airports closer like
(Bakerfield has commerical air service as does ontairo california,ever burbank (Bob hope) airport and Lax
are closer
where she flying to ? most flights out of orange country cost more as well...
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