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likelucyru : so im doing a project in school and i need a website where i can create my own ad for selling skateboarding shoes. i actually dont need a website i just need the average price to make an ad.

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irriddick : If you actually want to put up paid advertisements, the Facebook paid ad system may be the easiest to try, you can pay with paypal I believe as well as a credit card, you could do demographic targeting so only teens in your city who have some peculiar interest mentioned in their profile are shown the ad. it might cost $1-$2 for 1000 ad impressions. Allowing you to setup a demo that might only be seen by only a few targeted people for demo purposes.

You could write the ad copy and use a shoe pic from a store site or upload your picture in the ad.

Pricing on some self serve ad systems, like Google Adwords depends on the competition for a target keyword. A Bubblegum ad might cost $0.30 a click, while life insurance might be way over $3 a click, some doctor layer ads are over $50 a click.
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pronmereTef : You can post an ad for free on Gym Chat Sports Network, Classifieds.
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Roafjoydayfew : Software that can auto your article writing,submitting,spinning.
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sBRwdShx :
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Pherrystory : here there are good sites on business
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likelucyru : If you're trying to get money from google ad-sense you should focus on something that you will get a lot of traffic on. So think of things that a lot of people would be looking for that you are knowledgeable enough to give proper service to, how-to websites actually get a lot of traffic.
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DapoXetine : You see, I'm going to go find my true love that i've met 7 months ago. (We've been dating for exactly 7 months and had to break up last Sunday due to some complications.) I'm 15 at the moment and when I graduate at the age of 17, I'm going to go find my love in Western Perth, Australia. I already know that its going to cost quite a bit of money to get there so that's why im saving up while i'm young. Please don't tell me that "Oh you're too young to be thinking about stuff like that" or "Your heart will get broken". Its just something I have to do, we're deeply in love. What good (cheap) flights are going to be good to get to Western Perth, Australia? and If you want, could you also provide some train/bus/taxi routes to be able to get to whatever airport i need to go to in Germany? Thanks so much ^ ^
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ChemeWhibre : Take the Bahn from Graf to Munchen Flgh. Then a flight from Munchen to Perth. You will have to connect, depending on your airline, probably in Doha, Singapore, or London. You may even have two connecting flights. Plan on airfare alone costing you about $1,800 to $2,500. Good luck in your quest.
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lisi20zu : Hanning has given you the costs of the flights. You will have to have a passport, and the equivalent of $Au5000 to support yourself when you are here. I doubt very much if any airline will take you at 17 yrs unless you have parental permission.

Good luck.
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