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Drahphawletle : It's for an AP Environmental Science project. The job is to create an advertisement that sells Tidal Wave Power as a better energy source that things like oil and coal. Parody is not required, but I'm thinking that it would be quite boring without a parody. I'm normally pretty creative, but this is really throwing me. What are some famous and popular ads that we could parody easily to sell this idea of Tidal Power?

Help would be greatly appreciated. Best answer will definitely be chosen!
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paasathkaqaas : I'm working on a report for a Marketing/Innovations class at school and am kinda of stuck and was hoping someone that has some marketing experience could give me some assistance....

The assignment is to come up with a product of some sort and market involves multiple sections but the one that I'm stuck on is the Customer Audience & Product outreach.

Essentially what I'm doing is a elastic type band that could be inserted in shoes for extra protection from injury.

I have my markets set as such: Primary (Men Ages 21-40) Secondary (Women Ages 21-40) Tertiary: Seniors (Ages 50 & Up).

One of the main points that I need to emphases on each is detailing all three markets and I'm just not really sure how to even start/go on this.

I mean clearly the first two markets are that way because I'm aiming to athletic adults and that seems like the most likely group to purchase but as far as details on in depth descriptions of my markets, I'm struggling and was hoping someone could give me some assistance or at the very least, some advice to get me going here.

Thank you
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goodevry12 : i ran by this website a couple seconds ago and i thought to myself....this website should be so much more popular. I mean people in need like this should be, being funded. So how can you make a website like that be seen by millions of people like everyone on facebook..... there should be an ad on facebook that flashes new websites instead of just one.
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esyez003 : transportation from boston airport to seymour ct
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MrJasonStar : I don't think ther eis any
you will have to drive

your best bet will be take a train or bus to Stamfrod, then another one to waterbury, then a cab to Seymour, the cab will be expensive
or have a friend from Seymour pick you up in stamford or Waterbury
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Steelioth : You can take the bus from Boston to Waterbury, then Metro North train to Seymour,

or Amtack train from Boston to Bridgeport, then Metro North Train to Seymour.

BTW, I live in the valley in BF.
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lisawedding : There's also bus service to Seymour from New Haven via Connecticut Transit. Put in your destination and New Haven Union Station.

Take the Silver Line directly from the airport to Boston South Station.

To get from South Station Boston to New Haven, your choices are Amtrak or various bus companies ( or The buses are cheap, Amtrak has more leg room.
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grearoriure : Yellow Cab
Super Shuttle
Primetime Shuttle

Why you staying way out there? It's going to cost a fortune to get there! And you're going to hit traffic every day going into LA!
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EpildKitillek : rent a car,
a cab ride to valencia has got to cost you over 100 bucks
not to mention what kind of traffic you will hit
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