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mugonitok : If you want, you should go to and vote for your favorite ad. Thank You.

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LYxaasysyas : Or, is it a Hoax? Especially, World Wide Data Entry program?
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Sleeryrub : I know nothing about the program you mentioned but anything to do about data entry at home can be a major problem.

Yes you can make money being an affiliate but it takes time and energy. It doesn't happen over night as it takes awhile to build a good size mailing list.There's lots of free and paid info on being a successful affiliate marketer - just google for it.
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2qot54rt74o : The vast majority of work at home "opportunities" offered on the web are some sort of scam, one 'expert' on an ABC TV report stated that 53 out of 54 offers are some kind of scam. Data entry is up there on the scam list, and is most likely to be a poor paying chore done mainly by 3rd world economy workers.

Data entry is not really a part of Affiliate Marketing, other than getting a commission for recruiting others to join or calling your outsourced blog comment spammers used for SEO purposes your data entry workers.

The majority who venture into Affiliate Marketing fail without making significant money, those who do succeed, and some do quite well treat it like a real business and are prepared to experience several failures in the learning/prospecting process. One forum know for being frequented by mostly rookies is, reading through the conversations should give you an ideal for he actual processes involved, you can find some there reporting they have been dabbling at it for a year and have still not profited.
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BriniAllorp : do most of the websites advertise as per the client's location?
I mean if i access sites for example "yahoo answers" from Turkey, would i get local Turkish Ads ?...
And if someone opens the same above site from the United Kingdom, would he get different Advertisements according to his location?
I'm asking this because most of the advertisements i see are local
Does that mean the Ads are categorized according to the user's IP ADDRESS ?
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xseooneku : Hi i'm going to travel soon to Greece-Eleftherios Venizelos airport (ATH)- but my flight will stop in turkey for 1 hour, i want to get 1 bottle of tequila (750 ml) and 1 bottle of whiskey (1 liter)
so somehow i read the allowance from turkey to EU country is 1 liter for the spirits (i'm not sure)
so what do you suggest from me?
I mean should i just buy the other bottle from athens where will i stay?
because i dont know if they have good liqueur stores in athens

also which transportation should i take to get to the city?
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Ukd4jbuysellseos : Take the subway. It's the fastest and cheapest way. Sorry I don't know about the spirits. But I don't think that the Greek are any less qualified.
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rikesuiburnsc : There is an underground metro train station in the basement of the airport terminal which takes you into central Athens , ( all clearly signposted with standard international airport signage ) you buy a one way ticket ( was 6 euros a couple of years back ) in the foyer area above the station , about half an hour's trip , trains and stations are all fairly new and clean , and security presence is on every station so it is safe .Trains run about 5.30 a.m. to 12 midnight .

Train stops at all stations until the terminus at the city end which (was ) Monastiraki , change there ( and buy another ticket ) for underground train onwards to Pireaus Great Harbour where all the Ferries leave from .

( see web for tube train network maps and city maps )

IN THE SAME AIRPORT TRAIN STATION IS A TERMINUS FOR THE URBAN LIGHT RAIL TRAINS , dont make a mistake and buy a ticket for ,or get on , that service .

And as regards the booze , Greeks like a tipple and most mini markets will sell some , plus there are plenty of shops specialising in selling drink .
Civilised sort of place , Athens , I like it a lot .

If you are taking just two litres of spirits into Greece , you shouldn't get bothered by Customs at the Airport unless some stupid person is in a particularly bad mood .
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Tevyemalm : BUT I'M ONLY 20!

Does anyone know of a website that rents cars to 20 year olds in California? Preferably around Burbank, Bob Hope Airport?

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Weennybuffvob :
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