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phygieple : I'm selling and iRig, A guitar Hero Collection, and a Fender Frontman 15g I live in atlanta if your intrested look for the ad that mentions the name Alejandro, but I want to know how to get someone to see my ad and buy my stuff, any tips?

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grearoriure : I am starting to import soccer jerseys from china and selling them on ebay for a good price. They are really good quality and i was looking in maybe expanding the business in the future to maybe a all around sports store on ebay or a more specialized soccer store.

Is this a good market to get into? Cuz there are many people doing this already. Which idea is better spoting goods or just soccer?

Should i do this? Or stick to just jerseys?

Also what other products would i sell if i do go through with this ?
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epheropet : Search the items you wish to sell on ebay. Check what is currently being sold and the prices to get an idea of the supply. Then look at completed listings to get an idea of the demand.

Likely the profit margins are going to be low unless you have a good supplier deal. Be sure you can shift the stock fast enough if there is alot of competition.

If you can offer specialized advice and knowledge on what you are selling that is a plus. People will buy from you even if it is the same product that another cheaper seller has in my experience.
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EMPIPSADVERSE : how can i get about 50 sales a day on the internet using pay per click and about how much would i have to invest? the site is
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srfecti644 : Try reading on internet about PPC marketing...
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afteneunladdy : Hello,
Im planning on visiting Japan in May of 2013. Im looking for somebody who has actually taken a flight from the US to Japan or from Japan to the US. A little info about the trip.
Two adults (late 20's), Leaving from Michigan or somewhere in the east coast (we can drive to Chicago,Pittsburgh or other cities fairly easy) and our trip will be about two weeks leaving at the beginning of May.
If you have found any helpful tips in this long journey or anything that might be beneficial I would greatly appreciate it. We are trying to make this a really excellent vacation and just want to be informed of any potential "speed bumps" along the way.
Obviously we know about the Passports and other travel issues, im looking for more of what airline you took, how long the flight was, did you leave during the day or night, what time did you arrive at the airport, upon arrival what was customs like, how long did it take you to get to your room, how did you feel after the flight, on the plane were there movies/entertainment provided, did you find a great deal through a specific airline, was your plane full, any helpful tips at all that you can give me about the traveling to/from Japan? Please give me some details that might help. We wont be able to afford first class but we do have a budget of $2000-$4000.Thank you!
5 stars to the most descriptive answer.
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Effitswes : When I flew from Pittsburgh to Tokyo, we went with US Air and were stuck in Economy. The flight was long, and it was tedious, but it wasn't a nightmare. We watched movies, read books and napped. Take a pillow, if you can. I believe the flight took almost 20 hours, with a short layover. We arrived in the evening, and getting through Customs and Immigration was fast and easy. We were staying in downtown Tokyo, in Chiyoda-ku, and took maybe an hour to get there by taxi from the airport.
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DalVelmactill : Good timing. We just returned to the US from Tokyo last night. We fly Cathay Pacific because of a number of issues. One, they are among the best airlines in the world. Two, they have more liberal baggage allowances. Three, the are very good in each class of service. Following them, would be Singapore Airlines in terms of our selection. I would not fly an American carrier. Service is not even in the same league.

We try to arrive at night so that we can have a shower, eat lightly, have a massage and take a walk -- all of which help to recuperate from crossing the dateline -- and go to bed on local time. You feel out of sorts and like you are on some other planet when you arrive. I'll make other suggestions below.

If you are flying to Tokyo -- NARITA -- it will take you 90 minutes by fast train just to get to the city. Since I have no way of knowing where you are staying, I have no idea how long it will take you to get to your hotel from the local train station.

Yes. In flight entertainment and maybe three meals are provided. Class of service determines the quality of both.

Two adults can buy two economy class tickets for around US$2,000 total. That's about it. You might be able to buy premium economy seats for a little more. First class costs around US$10,000 per seat. Give or take, and depending on season. But, you can sleep on your back and ride in what some people describe as an egg shell pr pod.

Here's what I would do. First, pack as lightly as you can depending on season. Second, for the week or so before you go stop drinking caffeinated drinks. About two or three days before your trip start hydrating. No matter what time of day you fly the trip is long and feels long. Ask your doctor for a sleeping pill to help you sleep onboard and for the first couple of days on the ground. Remember, you are going to be upside down in time. Try to get about six hours of sleep onboard. When you are in Japan, you will hit a wall at around 3pm their time because your brain thinks it's 5am your time. Take about a 45 minute nap. Set a clock. You don't want to sleep longer than that because you won't sleep at night. More... Japanese people are friendly,shy and kind. But, the rarely speak English. If you show them your train ticket from NARITA into Tokyo, likely the won't say much but they will take you to the train and guide you to your seats.

Is that enough? You are welcome to pm me if you'd like. Oh yeah. Fly from Chicago if you take Cathay. I think there is a direct flight to Tokyo. Flying time should be around 12 - 14 hours from Chicago.
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yughkygsrlxh : Because you're looking to fly less than 14 days in advance, finding cheap airfare at this point for the two of you isn't going to be easy -- right now, the cheapest fare for two passengers on those dates would be $383 per ticket, on Alaska Airlines. (Other airlines, such as Southwest and United, price closer to $400 apiece.) These prices were easily found using online resources such as and

The best things you can do right now to try and get a better price, short of trying to place bids through a website such as Priceline or Hotwire, are either to try a different airport (flying into LAX instead of Burbank might be cheaper), or trying to move your departure date back a few days (to maybe the 5th or 6th) to try and avail yourself of cheaper fares with a 14-day advance purchase requirement. (For example, leaving on the 5th instead of the 2nd drops each ticket by over $100 apiece.)
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DavidVH : Every Wednesday, Delta Airlines post discounted fares. Some fares are posted at 12:01 midnight but gone by early morning.
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