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Plaitikepak : Hey guys, i just made this video
and are trying to get it advertised,
know of any good sites that attract alot of traffic that I could post it on?
It has been dugg which was good but we need more
any help is greatly appreciated!

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Reersumbere :
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ericl2299 : Design calendars with a different product displayed for each month. Make your products the star of your own calendar printing piece.
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BabFibShooria : Ok so i know of a way or two to make a little bit of cash for myself and im looking for different and maby better ways. Dont post any of these "ohh click on this link to start making money" and it some dumb referal code. And dont say surveys.
One idea i heard was bot'ing runescape/wow. anyone know anything about that?
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Vattbaisp : When you wake up from your dream, you will realize that there is no such thing unless you sell your crap on eBay. If you want money, get a job. If you have a job, get a better one.
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Jamases : this is a referral link:

if u click it, it will benefit us both xD

if u want an explanation of the site watch this video:

but basically u can earn up to 5 bucks a week wen u begin, u dont have to get referals but its better if u do

p.s. please use my link ^.^
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Buyuielrkd : I believe I saw a study from a couple of years ago estimating affiliate marketers made some 6 Billion dollars on the internet one year (before costs were deducted) seems like someone is making money, although the majority of people who venture into affiliate marketing (often with no marketing or business experience) bail out without having made any money.

Take care some studies have reported that the majority of work at home offers on the internet are some sort of scam.

One forum renowned for being populated with rookies is,one can get a more realistic sense of perspective reading about others' issues.

If you have marketable skills, even just writing skills, you can find short term work on the various freelance marketplaces like, or, generally the workers don't have to pay a free, you can browse the current projects without signing up, there are some 'unusual' jobs in the Anything Goes section of freelancer.
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wpthwddc : lobbies, airports etc

Only answer if you know, no Puritan anti-smokers!
the most current smoker-friendly nation in the West
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Dopsgroolla : **
"Country West left" ??????
I'm NOT sure what you refer to, but ......
Come out West here to *Las Vegas, Nevada
& one can smoke anywhere you want to.
The rest of the USA is VERY Anti-Smoking, though!
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operforGowrib : How long will it take and how much will it cost. I am planning to go on a friday. I would like as elaborate of an explanation as possible.
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