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srfecti644 :

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2qot54rt74o : It's a fact: companies like Google or Facebook earn BILLIONS OF $$$ every quarter just
because we, the Internet users use their services. It is time to understand, that we “the
users” decide who is earning the big money.

WAZZUB is the first truly global community that pays us “the users”, just for choosing them as our homepage.
The big difference is that they share profits with their pre-launch members. 50% of all profits will be paid to the pre-launch members just by joining for free and setting up Wazzub page as your home page. Hurry up and join before it launch.
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jinlin8899 : Well, this local SEO company charged me $100 bucks for 3 popular keywords and if someone search those keywords my website show on top of google in fist page. Well, they DID it and it was not a scam.

One of my keywords was Persian Rugs and this is a very high demand keyword.

My question is: These people DID NOT even logged in into my website to changed meta tags or inside content. I was thinking they will do lots of back links in short amount of time but they never did any backlinks to my website.

I am not talking about my website on ad world place. Its just below the ads in regular search result area in first page.

Do you have any idea how they could do this? They guarantee that the website will stay on top for at least one month.

What do you think folks?
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Rachel_Colorado : It has to be backlinks... there is no other explanation. Check your backlink profile in your Google webmaster account.
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Fbnolorfgd : They did a lots of back linking or they pay Search engine..Is this only on 1 SE?
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scoorrido : I need to write a long dissertation for business and I am having trouble finding a topic.
It has to be really specific as in focusing on one or two companies. I would also like it to relate to either branding social networking or marketing strategies;

Any ideas are welcome
thank you
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Gahhaigma : We are looking in the Caribbean (at this point, probs Nassau, Bahamas) but are open to anywhere. I would like to stay at a beautiful inn/resort with restaurant that's fairly secluded, definitely not the Sandals/all-inclusive type. I really am not into places with nearby giant hotels or casinos or chain restaurants. If it has a spa, that'd be great. Hoping for a place with super clear water and a town nearby where we can check out the local culture and restaurants. It's important that it be on or near a beautiful beach. To give an idea, we were looking to stay at Ti Kaye, but I'm worried it may be too secluded and we like to get out and explore the culture/people where we are staying, and I'm also worried (from reviews) that the water is not very clear. Ideally it would be a really beautiful place to stay right on the beach. Any suggestions would me much appreciated! Again, I can't emphasize enough that we are not into the giant/all-inclusive resorts. Thanks in advance!
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Sleeryrub : I can suggest The Coral Harbour Beach House and Villas,
Coral Harbour Road, Nassau.

It is set away from the main tourist areas and has its own
secluded private beach. It also has a spa, restaurant. There
is free parking and a shuttle bus to the city centre.

Alternatively, there is A Stone's Throw Away, Tropical Gardens
Road, Nassau.

This hotel has a restaurant, free WiFi, free parking and an
airport shuttle bus.

There are several other hotels listed on this site but these two
caught my eye. Take a look.
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JanoNease : do people think vegas is different than any other city. do people think vegas is different than any other city
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csyez029 : Because they are looking from the outside and equate Las Vegas with the hotels and casinos. Other than the strip, the city is definitely like a regular American city with planned neighborhoods, city services, and the whole nine yards. Many/most residents don't even go to the strip and don't even gamble.
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