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Alexander_john : The Crystal Glass Company found that the number of windows sold, N, varies directly as their advertising budget, A, and inversely as the price of each window, P. The Crystal Glass Company sold 2,400 windows when $24,000 was spent on advertising and the prcie of a window was set at $60. Determine the number of windows sold when the amount spent on advertising is increased to $54,000.

a. 240
b. 900
c. 5,600
d. 5,400
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anaemydeamexy : D. 5400
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Knoprubsop :
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paasathkaqaas : I'm working on a report for a Marketing/Innovations class at school and am kinda of stuck and was hoping someone that has some marketing experience could give me some assistance....

The assignment is to come up with a product of some sort and market involves multiple sections but the one that I'm stuck on is the Customer Audience & Product outreach.

Essentially what I'm doing is a elastic type band that could be inserted in shoes for extra protection from injury.

I have my markets set as such: Primary (Men Ages 21-40) Secondary (Women Ages 21-40) Tertiary: Seniors (Ages 50 & Up).

One of the main points that I need to emphases on each is detailing all three markets and I'm just not really sure how to even start/go on this.

I mean clearly the first two markets are that way because I'm aiming to athletic adults and that seems like the most likely group to purchase but as far as details on in depth descriptions of my markets, I'm struggling and was hoping someone could give me some assistance or at the very least, some advice to get me going here.

Thank you
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vitalykim : I'm driving to the airport tomorrow (Tuesday) from Michigan. My flight leaves at noon local time and i'm planning to leave home around 7 (Michigan time; 6 Chicago time). I'm concerned about running into traffic congestion.
Okay, further question - would it be better to take 290 to 294? or is the traffic likely to be as much of a problem there?
More information:

Leaving from south-west Michigan, near Kalamazoo. I will be parking at an off-site parking garage which will shuttle me to the airport. My flight from Chicago is domestic (Fla) and international after that.
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hypermiska : It is usually at its worst during the rush hour period. Generally, I-90 can be jammed any time between 6:30 am and 9:00 am Central Time, but sometimes it is neither jammed nor backed up during these hours.

If there is a crash on I-90, traffic could be backed up at any time - even at 2 in the morning.


Usually, the Tri-State Tollway is faster than going through the middle of the city, but all bets are off if there is a crash or construction is scheduled.
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QNfelicita : 6:30 am > 9:30 am = bad traffic

Your alternate route is a pretty good idea but it too will have congestion. An even better route would be one that avoids the worst interchange at I-90/I-94/I-290.

Get on I-80/I-94 take I-80 to the beginning of I-294. You will have tolls and some heavy congestion when you near the airport and I-90. Follow I-90 to I-190 to the parking lot. Take the ATS robot train to your terminal. Pay cash tolls in the far right lanes.
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DonaldGT : I90 is better to take. You are leaving Michigan at 7am, but where in MI?
And are you flying over seas or in the US? Do you want to be IN the airport by 10:30am?
Really you are either going to be waiting on the road or leave earlier and wait at the airport.
7:30 starts rush hour
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camarok : Take I-94 all the way until it merges with I-80 and becomes 80/94, keep following the Tri-State Tollway (I-294) the interchange is a couple of miles after the Illinois/Indiana border. Take the Tri-State Tollway all the way to I-190 (the spur into O'Hare). This will completely avoid the city of Chicago and the very congested Circle interchange where the Kennedy, Dan Ryan and Eisenhower Expressways all come together.
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VummaRoorbVag : We'd like to take a short trip to a city in the Eastern U.S., and we need to fly out of the above airport. Is there a way to find out non-stop destinations from WB-Scranton?
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