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moment7q : I work for a place where I have to do a lot of advertising. But since I'm broke I can't doflyerss, postcards or handouts type stuff. I don't even having a working printer of my own at home.

So I've been trying to post stuff on the Internet but it seems a lot of sites are against it and either deletes my posts, flags and remove them or revokes my access from using the site. I've been blogging but not getting much luck and Craigslist is giving me the run around saying my post is up but I never see it and only got two replies from it. Then job placement sites wanna charge money I don't have.

What else can I do?? Are there any free forums or advertising sites??

Or do you know of a way to advertise I would really appreciate it a lot


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brertrileax : It seems you have tried everything related to advertising.
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NicadBatys : Okay, so I need a website to be built. I want it to be similar to amazon where people can post ads and sell things.I know this will not be for free. Should I hire someone or would it be better to build it myself? Please let me know! Give me links!!:) Have a great day!:D
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LYxaasysyas : Or, is it a Hoax? Especially, World Wide Data Entry program?
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Sleeryrub : I know nothing about the program you mentioned but anything to do about data entry at home can be a major problem.

Yes you can make money being an affiliate but it takes time and energy. It doesn't happen over night as it takes awhile to build a good size mailing list.There's lots of free and paid info on being a successful affiliate marketer - just google for it.
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2qot54rt74o : The vast majority of work at home "opportunities" offered on the web are some sort of scam, one 'expert' on an ABC TV report stated that 53 out of 54 offers are some kind of scam. Data entry is up there on the scam list, and is most likely to be a poor paying chore done mainly by 3rd world economy workers.

Data entry is not really a part of Affiliate Marketing, other than getting a commission for recruiting others to join or calling your outsourced blog comment spammers used for SEO purposes your data entry workers.

The majority who venture into Affiliate Marketing fail without making significant money, those who do succeed, and some do quite well treat it like a real business and are prepared to experience several failures in the learning/prospecting process. One forum know for being frequented by mostly rookies is, reading through the conversations should give you an ideal for he actual processes involved, you can find some there reporting they have been dabbling at it for a year and have still not profited.
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NitengekGen : I've never been to an airport before and never had a flight (except when I was 3 but I don't remember that). I'm 21 now and I'm going to the east coast from the west coast. How do airports work? I feel like I would get confused and lost, especially being on my own. Can you give as much detail as possible from when you get to the airport to when you get on the plane?
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songfeng400 : Don't worry about it !
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EricRU : Please read this:

I just went to Yahoo and searched for "advice for air travelers". The above article seems like a good one.

Here's some advice: Get their early. Take all your tickets and paperwork. Take a photo ID like a drivers license or passport. Don't pack aerosol or liquids in your carryon bag. Keep your valuables with you at all times. Good luck. Its not difficult....It's fun...
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UCMatthew : Make sure you have your confirmation number with you as well as a government issued picture ID such as driver's license with you.

Go to the airport and go to the ticket counter to check-in. Most airlines now have kiosks where you type in your confirmation number and you can get your boarding pass.
Depending on the airline you fly with, if you have check-in luggage, you may have to pay for that.
Once you get your boarding pass, head towards security.
Once at security, hand your boarding pass and government issued picture ID to the TSA agent.
You will then take off your shoes, belt, jacket and put them on a conveyor belt to be X-rayed along with any carry-on luggage.
Go through the body scanner.
Get belongings off conveyor belt.
Head to gate and wait to board.
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