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kimmurphyo : just click the smily face on this photo and share it on facebook or twitter :D
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Barrythelry : Not your personal army.
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abigeodia : In Art Class we have to research a form of art. I picked "Advertising". I have my research done but I'm a little confused on one of the advertising theories. Can you please explain it? Especially steps 4 and 5.

The Theory's Steps:
1. Awareness
2. Knowledge
3. Liking
4. Preference
5. Conviction
6. Purchase

*I get all of them except for 4 and 5. Please help! Thanks :)
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DevyDywob :
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Pakwearce : Hi, I'm researching ways to get my folks from Las Vegas to South Rim and airplane seems to be the most convenient?!?!
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VummaRoorbVag : I've done that trip, years ago. Was lots of fun. Was a side trip from Las Vegas.
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DuepLumew : And the most expensive. Bus trip long day but you just sit back and relax or you drive 6 hours
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FriendKennedy : Scenic Airlines does the flight out of Boulder City Airport
Know that at this time of year it can and does snow in GCNP
Here's your current weather
That little fact of life will effect your folks in 3 ways
1) They'll have to dress for it
2) It is entirely possible to in certain weather conditions not to be able to see into the Canyon at all
3) GCN airspace follows VFR and if the weather is bad they'll turn back rather than try to land
so make sure that your folks have some kind of travel insurance should the book the trip and then not be able to complete it due to weather
Just so you know
There's a free intra park shuttle that will allow your folks to independently if they so choose
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Fecregree : Yes, airplane IS the most convenient...and time efficient. It does cost more than a bus trip, but I'm sure you already researched...a bus trip is horrendously long...EACH WAY!

I have 'connections' through my travel agency for 'deals', if you are in search for 'THE deal' on my profile picture/avatar here and 'send and email'...and let me know what date, etc...I'll happily help out...for FREE...we're travel agents and event planners, the venues pay us...not you.

We can also help out with everything else 'Las Vegas', feel free to take advantage of our special 'connections' around town and throughout the valley.
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ugg675o : I agree that taking the airplane from Las Vegas to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is your parent's best option.

The flight is under one hour and the views are spectacular. Standard tours like this fly south of the Colorado River and land at Grand Canyon National Park Airport.

The most popular of these flights comes with a 2.5 hour bus tour inside the National Park. Bookmark this page, which describes this trip in detail...

There's another version of this tour that includes a helicopter t our that goes from the South Rim to the North Rim and back. Go here for a more complete description:

If you're unsure who to fly with, visit this site for air tour operator reviews:

Frankly, I think taking the airplane from Vegas makes a heck of a lot more sense than riding the bus, which takes 5.5 hours. However, if you end up not having enough budget for the air tour, here's a great place to start for bus trips:

Have a great trip!
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