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ordilmida : What is it primarily used for...lead/sales generation though offer and promos, customer service/interaction, raising brand awareness/credibility, all of these or something different?

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Roafjoydayfew : This service should be reached all world man it can be possible Human Research Management.out-of help to poor man.
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Sleeryrub : Been very important for me. Social media has been a medium for relationship building, lead and sales generation and promoting my brand and credibility. It would be tough without it.
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eldemowerrorm : Due to the advent of social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), social media marketing has been a resort for companies to make their products available online. They use these medium to reach out to their chosen target market and efficiently provide information or the like so that customers may eventually feel like purchasing their offer (product). Since the publication can be directly free (through social networking sites), advertising expense may greatly be limited :D
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WenBahefforne : Incredibly important. This is how I network; how I get to know other professionals, perspective clients and how I get updated on the latest developments in marketing.

One thing Social Media is used for is for people to get to know you and your business without them having to buy something from you first. They can see whether you are legitimate and professional. This works the other way around too, since you can also use it to learn your customers; what they like, what they need, what questions do they have.
Then it works wonders for offers and promos. Due to the fact that your followers can also share the offer with their friends, a really good offer will spread like wildfire. Social media is used, of course, to raise brand awareness just by posting interesting articles, information and contests.
One more thing quite interesting, is to see how to use social media to do customer research, through surveys and polls.
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CobyStoll : Opinions? I'm in the process of applying, and was wondering if anyone had knowledge/strong opinion about any of these programs, from personal-experience or not. If it came down to it, and I got accepted into all 3, would it result in a major difference in job-opportunities post graduation if i picked, say UT over VCU's Brandcenter? I guess what I'm asking is if either have an industry reputation, or better networking opportunities?
I know a person's portfolio, resume and interview will ultimately decide where they land a job and such, just trying to figure this whole thing out.
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JackSilverCoolYesNo : I'm really low on cash and saw heaps of ads on the Internet saying make quick easy cash on the Internet. and I wad just wondering does anyone have any legit websites that can make you money. no scam sites please
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goodevry11 : Maybe you should consider vvvvvv dot onlinepaydaysystem dot net/startup
Its an easy way to make money online
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Graiccaky : I use both of these one has already made me money and one I am close to making money on. I don't get any spam emails from either. They are not some of those stupid spam sites that you never get anything for, but for superpoints you do have to use your discretion on some of the offers.
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Bocaaeropip : Hello Everyone,

I'm moving to Atlanta! I'm considering renting a Home in the following areas due to their proximity to the Airport and affordable housing: College Park, Forest Park, Conley, Riverdale, Morrow. We're looking for PEACE & SAFETY at an affordable price, not too far from the main Airport.

I would like to hear YOUR FAVORITE Neighborhoods in Atlanta (that are relatively safe.) Although, it seems people provide the most practical humor when asked which are their WORST Neighborhood choices! (=

Either way, would love to hear people's choices and votes. I'm relocating soon and excited to get-to-know Atlanta.

Thanks & Please Do Sound Off!

Peace, DD
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