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ciggriecosy : For example, Nambisan S (2007) Designing virtual customer environments for new product development paper suggests that customers have three roles. i.e as a resource, as a user and as co-creators.

I am guess some of the problems might be:

1. sometimes the roles overlap so you can't seperate them during the innovation process.
2. Trying to maintain the 3 roles in a business context is very challenging.

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Alexander_john : The Crystal Glass Company found that the number of windows sold, N, varies directly as their advertising budget, A, and inversely as the price of each window, P. The Crystal Glass Company sold 2,400 windows when $24,000 was spent on advertising and the prcie of a window was set at $60. Determine the number of windows sold when the amount spent on advertising is increased to $54,000.

a. 240
b. 900
c. 5,600
d. 5,400
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anaemydeamexy : D. 5400
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Drahphawletle : It's for an AP Environmental Science project. The job is to create an advertisement that sells Tidal Wave Power as a better energy source that things like oil and coal. Parody is not required, but I'm thinking that it would be quite boring without a parody. I'm normally pretty creative, but this is really throwing me. What are some famous and popular ads that we could parody easily to sell this idea of Tidal Power?

Help would be greatly appreciated. Best answer will definitely be chosen!
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torpwelmeo : Im going to Toronto for a business meeting and want to stay for the weekend. What is their to do for a tourist for a weekend?
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profileback498 : Go up the CN tower and enjoy the view.

Visit the Bata Shoe Museum. It's the fourth interview on P4P Episode 11, which also talks about Toronto as a bicycle-friendly city:

Check out the Waterfront Trail (it's part of a larger effort to have a trail along the entire Canadian shore of Lake Ontario). Dress warm if it's a windy day.
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Booftoino : LOTS and lots.

Assuming you are middle age, or so and visiting from the UK, there are many suggestions.

I hope you stay downtown and NOT in any of the airport hotels. You have a superb streetcar and subway system to use. Single ride $ 3.00.

For Saturday morning breakfast - you JUST MUST go to St. Lawrence market, easy walking from just about anywhere downtown. It is rated one of the 10 best food market in the world and a World Heritage site. There are restaurants or you can just pick up what you like and sit anywhere. Don't forget to go downstairs too. Read here:

Here is the Toronto NOW magazine website. You can pick up printed paper for free all over downtown.

There are scores of theatres in Toronto, two concert halls, one dance and ballet house, four Broadway style shows. Then of course there are all the smaller venues for theatre of all kinds, from Gay (Bad time for buddies) to Jewish and so much more. The bars and their jazz-scene is well described in NOW. If you want to go, just buy your tickets in advance on the internet.

If you are "gay-friendly" go to our gay village, just off Yonge Street. Lots of happenings there on a weekend, as well as four bathhouses.

For "eats" you can always "do" the King Street West strip between John and Peter Streets. For more up-scale, continue west, crossing Spadina and all the way to Bathurst St.

For fancy shopping you go to Eaton Centre, on Younge and Dundas Streets.

From there you take the streetcar 10 min west and get off at Spadiana. Now you are in China town. Enjoy "everything" for less.

Continue north west ( 2 min) into Kensington Market area. It is a 20th century "town" that time forgot. VERY ECLECTIC and well worth a walk around. Some "foreign foods", there too. Don't worry, everything is not shiny and modern but the City or Toronto health inspectors are VERY diligent there too.

You will have a great time. Oh, if you have the time at night, take the Queen Streetcar west (10 min) and get off at Drake Hotel. A real jazz-place with lots of entertainment. (Just tell the streetcar driver, he will alert you to when to get off)

No need to take taxis, just get a TTC transit map at any subway station.

Remember that I said so - don't stay near the airport, that places you in a no-mans land of hotels, hotel bars and overpriced American chain food restaurants.

Don't even think of renting a car. The traffic is horrendous at all hours and the parking charges will kill you!
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Nazartymn : 9,000+ restaurants cumulatively serving literally everything from everywhere
2,000 pieces of fine art on display in public buildings & civic centres.
150 monuments and pieces of public art.
125 public museums and art galleries. (Plus God knows how many privately-owned galleries.)
80+ annual cultural events, such as Caribana & Nuit Blanche.
75+ annual film festivals, including the world-famous Toronto International Film Festival.
74 malls, shopping centres and markets + the 1,200 stores of the underground Toronto PATH.
50+ ballet and dance companies.
Dozens of movie theatres
6 opera companies
3rd largest theatre district in the English-speaking world with 90 separate venues.
2 symphony orchestras
Literally hundreds of clubs, pubs, bars, taverns including North America's biggest dance club (The Guvernment) rated for a maximum capacity of 10,000 people.

There's a ton of those things packed into Toronto's Entertainment District:
Link -

Toronto's known as a city of neighbourhoods (over 230 at last count) and worth exploring if you've the time for it.
Link -

Toronto's also a port city on the shores of Lake Ontario which is one of North America's 5 Great Lakes.
The Toronto Harbour Islands just a short ferry ride from shore and worth a visit.
For first-time visitors to Toronto, it generally boggles their minds for a bit seeing a freshwater lake so big that it has surf and tides and full-size freighters floating about on it.
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Groolipioli : I lived in the burbs, up around Roswell. I moved to Charlotte about 10-12ish years ago, and haven't had much opportunity to return to the Atlanta area. I think some friends and I are going to come down for a long weekend, to see a Braves game, and maybe do some shopping/six flags. I was looking at hotels, and found some good prices on a Best Western around the Hapeville/Airport area, but I was wondering what this area is like nowadays? Should I try to stick with a hotel around Midtown, Buckhead, Marietta, or Roswell? I'm not crazy about having to drive the ga 400 to get into town, though. Also, not crazy about some of the prices for hotels near downtown. Any suggestions?
Also, second part, when I lived in town, we used to always take the North/South Marta to 5 points and take the shuttle for the games, is this still safe, or should I just invest in a parking pass for the game? (I've heard that the underground/5points area has gone downhill recently.)
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Daudiodia : There are much better places to stay than a low rate hotel in Hapeville. I'd pass on that for sure. Check out or for great discounts on cleaner and safer hotels in a much better part of town.

Midtown, Buckhead and Marietta/Cumberland Mall area (since Six Flags in on the agenda) are all good choices. Roswell is too far out, Sandy Springs would be a good choice too.

Marta is still a great way to get to Braves games.
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