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torgonitoh : Hello everyone
So I have this marketing project to do its basically about promoting the product and developing marketing plan.
I have to conduct market research and I need your help

I just wanted to ask few questions for my primary research
Based on the description could you answer my survey


The Super Heating Coat
This heating coat is a winter coat but equipped with its own heating system. The tiny wires in between the thick layers give off heat but you don’t feel the wires pressed against your body. Inside the left pocket there is a smaller zipper where the plug is located that is attachable to a source of power so you can charge the jacket. It only takes four hours to charge and it lasts for 24 hours. You can also upgrade your coat with solar panels that are made of the natural elements which becomes charged electrically when subjected to sun light. There is a tiny control that you can use to adjust the temperature settings. The lining inside is water proof and the fablic fire retandant. With this jacket you don’t have to worry no more about adjusting your clothes when it is time to face cold conditions, one heated jacket is enough to keep you warm.

People who live in colder climates, especially
•People who work outside for long periods of time/Construction workers, Crossing Guards
•People who enjoy spending time outdoors but don’t like the cold

1.What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it?
2.Would you buy it for yourself or for someone else?
3.For how much?
4.Will you tell others about it?
5.How long do you think it will last?
6.What feature would you add to it?
7.What color would you prefer?
8.When do you think this coat will be most useful for you?

Rating 1 - 5
Ease of use
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Leasaasayas : I don't believe the coat would work as needed. I would not invest in it. I have plenty of clothing that works well in very cold and/or wet conditions to keep me warm enough.
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moment7q : I work for a place where I have to do a lot of advertising. But since I'm broke I can't doflyerss, postcards or handouts type stuff. I don't even having a working printer of my own at home.

So I've been trying to post stuff on the Internet but it seems a lot of sites are against it and either deletes my posts, flags and remove them or revokes my access from using the site. I've been blogging but not getting much luck and Craigslist is giving me the run around saying my post is up but I never see it and only got two replies from it. Then job placement sites wanna charge money I don't have.

What else can I do?? Are there any free forums or advertising sites??

Or do you know of a way to advertise I would really appreciate it a lot

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brertrileax : It seems you have tried everything related to advertising.
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mugonitok : If you want, you should go to and vote for your favorite ad. Thank You.
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y8es6sho0v : Dears,I need to have ur kind advice on the below question:
I will be travelling from Frankfurt Airport to Amsterdam by renting a car,on coming Friday.
Saturday,I want to watch the football game at 3:00pm(Local Time)at the Veltins Arena,Gelsenkirchen by driving from Amsterdam. Where should I park my car,or the parking at the Veltins is easy to get and not too much crowded.Since after the game,i will be driving to Cologne in the evening.
2.Where can i buy the match tickets, is it possible to get the tickets outside the arena.
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ringajm150 : like the cheapest they get and if all possible u cud give me the price for a hotel 2 like really cheap in like knoxville tennessee because my boyfriend is gonna try and come down from canada 4 my birthday on january 18 :)
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enurmouse : Tell your bf to book thru his plane ticket & hotel thru a coupon site, try as they usually offere exclusive deals/discounts from travel sites like expedia, priceline, travelocity, and agoda. It will definitely save him some money!
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fakeoakleysy4 : There are no scheduled flights out of Hamilton airport, so you'll have to go to Pearson Intl. to catch a flight down south, and then catch a connecting flight on to Knoxville.

Most major airlines, including Continental (connecting in Cleveland), Delta (Cincinnati), Northwest (Detroit), United (Washington), Air Canada (Washington), U.S. Airways (Charlotte, NC), and American Airways (Chicago) offer an advance purchase one-way fare of about CAD$220 or CAD$440 round-trip.

Another option would be to catch a flight from Buffalo, which would save you some $$$. Delta Airlines offers a flight from Buffalo to Knoxville, with connection in Cincinnati for only USD$131 (CAD$141) available at and Northwest and United offer similarly low rates.

To get from Hamilton to Pearson Intl., you can take GO Transit for around $10. Consult their website at for schedules.
You could also take a taxi, or an aiport shuttle, like .

To get from Hamilton to Buffalo Airport, you can take the Jetways Shuttle service ( ) from the Hamilton Sheratan Hotel on King St. for $48 one-way.
For a cheaper rate, you can take a Coach Canada bus from Hamilton to Buffalo Airport. Consult for schedules, and call 1-800-461-7661 to get the fares (not available on-line).
Greyhound also offers service to Buffalo Airport for only $9.50, but it involves connecting in Toronto, and take 4-7 hours.

On another note, if you've got a lot of time on your hands, and you want to save some money, you may be interested to know that it's possible to travel round-trip from Hamilton to Knoxville BY BUS on Greyhound for $168, or much less if you're a student, senior, veteran, or CAA/AAA member.

Hope this helps. Feel free to e-mail me at for more info.
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