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dokoccund :

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tritdaddy : Do those Pay To Click Sites really work? I have been using NeoBux for like 5 days and all the money I have gotten is like $0.10 is there any point to doing it and is there any better sites that pay you more than this?
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Etepsips : hat are the marketing and financial mechanics behind PTC sites?

Paid-to-click (PTC) sites make money from 2 main sources:

1) from content publishers who want the ads on their site to be clicked; and
2) from their own community of "clickers".


PTC systems make money from their customers (mainly content publishers) who pay them to click on their ads (actually their rhetoric is really subtle). In really, PTC sites crowdsource the process of clicking on ads to a vast community of real users worldwide, which makes it difficult for ad networks to detect any fraudulent pattern.

This way content publishers artificially increase their own income by benefiting from a close-to-perfection (supposedly pattern-less) but still fake stream of clicks on the ads they publish on their site from ad networks.

Content publishers basically enter advertising revenue sharing programs (e.g., Google AdSense) from ad networks that enroll customers in ad programs (e.g., Google AdWords). And greed makes them fool ad networks by leveraging PTC service offerings.

Indeed, based on simple maths, content publishers can make at least $10 for each $1 invested with PTC sites. Out of that one dollar, a minimum of 90% goes directly in the pocket of the PTC site owners, the remaining garbage is distributed to the crowded hierarchical pile of fooled get-rich-quick candidates.

PTC sites may pay their "sub-contractors" $0.005 per click, and double (i.e., $0.01 per click) if users are good at getting referrals (sub-sub-contractors).


To a lesser extent, PTC sites get some revenue from members of their community of clickers in different ways. So they may ask their members to pay:

a) to become a member (i.e., to be given the opportunity to click on ads);
b) to upgrade their membership (i.e., to benefit from a higher revenue share);
c) to advertise (i.e., to get more referrals hence commissions); and
d) to buy or rent referrals (i.e., to increase their own revenue).


Members being paid to click on ads is questionable from an ethical standpoint, so PTC sites charging publishers for the same purpose. But at least the money flows from the advertisers to the ad networks, then to content publishers, then to PTC sites, and finally to the community of clickers. The only ones losing in this food-chain are the initial payers—i.e., the advertisers—who do not really get what they pay for. In such a case, advertisers are scammed by content publishers.

It often happens that PTC sites have difficulty recruiting enough content publishers as customers and rely solely on fees they can collect form their member community. In such a case, community members are scammed by the PTC site they subscribe to. In some cases, PTC sites are just created with no intention to recruit publishers but merely to purposely abuse their community, financially.

To my best knowledge and belief.
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phygieple : I'm selling and iRig, A guitar Hero Collection, and a Fender Frontman 15g I live in atlanta if your intrested look for the ad that mentions the name Alejandro, but I want to know how to get someone to see my ad and buy my stuff, any tips?
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camarok : Hi, I'm planning a vacation and my hotel is going to be in the western-part of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (Exact location is on Prospect Rd.) I don't know the area at all, but I have heard a few people say it's not safe. Now I want the scoop from someone who lives there or has spent a considerable amount of time there - is it safe? And if not, why? What goes down that makes it dangerous?

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WHacostaZG : If it wasn't for the little "executive" airport across the street, there would no hotels on Prospect, and you would probably being staying someplace on the beach and not having to consider this stuff. But since you chose Prospect, you'll find the area is ok during the day because of the busy industry and traffic. At night, it becomes very quiet and remote on Prospect. Way too quiet. That's when unwary out-of-towners might take an evening stroll near the hotel or look for something to do. They should be aware that bored kids from poor neighborhoods to both the west and east will cruise near remote hotels, or just sit in empty parking lots...and wouldn't hesitate to stop to have a brief "chat" with you. Besides, none of the businesses on nearby busy streets around Prospect would attract me after dark anyway.
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EromsMestcems : Ok for me, it's AIR FRANCE cause the flight was absolutely disgusting, EXTREMLY small seats (and especially when the chair recline doesn't work!), bad customer service, and maybe because they make you sit on the plane for 2 hours BEFORE taking off for no apparent reason. For a long-haul flight that's not right. They should have told us to go back into the airport and wait, then board again.

Ok your turn to vent! :)
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Cackaragtuts : U.S. Airways. No service, old aircraft and high rate of mishandled luggage.
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xmentalistem : Air China, on a 14 hr long haul flight, they showed movies that are 30 years old on the public screen, no individual monitor. There is only Chinese food, no other choices. The flight attendants are not very well trained compared to international standards.
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2timo : US Airways. They canceled 4 of my flights one year. The one that finally did it, was a flight from Barbados to Washington Dulles connecting in Charlotte, NC. Five days before the flight they canceled the segment from Barbados to Charlotte but did not tell me. I found out by looking at my record online. It simply said "schedule change". I called to find out the details and the US Airways rep said they were only flying that itinerary once a week. She said I had to wait 6 days to fly home or come home a day early. I was going on a cruise and could not do this. It cost me an extra $2300 to purchase last minute tickets from AA to get home!!
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