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Abigail_West_Virginia : i can either invent a new product or improve on an existing product. ideas?

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tecytheaddy : Debt blinders. You could sell enough to our elected leaders that refuse to balance or deal with the national, state, municipal budgets.
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SpitlYslowito : Right so I am creating a web page about guinea pigs on
But I have a problem, I've added a page called Guinea Pig Care and I want to have a list of things( on the page) to click on like housing etc.
How can I add this on the page and NOT the navigation menu?
Hope u know what I mean :/
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Vessnurry : If I understand what you're trying to do, just add hyperlinks on the "Guinea Pig Care" that lead to the other pages you want, like "housing," etc.,. Of course you'll have to create those other pages so that your link will lead somewhere.
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napTynccreecy : You can simply write a post on your topic (list of things).
Write housing in your page.. Do link in housing with your post..
or go on my blog for more
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Plaitikepak : Hey guys, i just made this video
and are trying to get it advertised,
know of any good sites that attract alot of traffic that I could post it on?
It has been dugg which was good but we need more
any help is greatly appreciated!
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3blowjumpscarpinteyroioz : I am trying to plan a flight back to the USA. I am a USA citizen living in Poland with my Russian fiancee. We are planning to do a two week vacation to the USA.

We will leave Warsaw and fly to Munich. In Munich we will have a one hour layover before departing to the US.

Since me nor my fiancee are EU citizen will one hour not be enough? Will we be cutting it too close?
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unpalingzz : Since you don't have any Schengen-Schengen flights you should be ok (ie you'll be in international space the whole time, not transferring from domestic to international). It's tight, but you'll be in transit (you'll do immigration exit clearance in Poland, not in Munich). Your bags on the other hand, will be in the hands of Munich ground staff. It should be ok because Munich airport is pretty efficient (if you were transiting through Heathrow I would suggest more time) - more of a risk if you're changing airlines or you're not flying with a large carrier (big airlines / national carriers get baggage handling preference in my experience) - ask if they can put some kind of 'short transfer' tag on it in Poland. Also make sure that the two flights are on the same booking - the airline or travel agent can link the bookings together if they're not already - that should allow you to check the whole way through. Important - none of this is likely to be possible if you're flying with a budget airline to Munich (can't link the bookings together usually), in which case you will have to pick up your bags and re-check them for the US flight, and you'll need much more time.
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Sawtotunuct : If the airline made the reservation it is their responsibility, if you did you are on your own.

One hour for a connect is REALLY, REALLY CLOSE. Even if the airline made your reservation and your fiancee is not an EU or citizen of certain countries (like you from the USA) she will not be able to leave the area without a visa.

However, if she is a legal resident of Poland and has that data in her passport or ID card; then an off forgotten fact is that since Poland is in the EU she may (MAY I say depending on the immigration agent) be able to get in on a 24 transit visa issued at the crossing.

This is not something I would try but it beats a hot stick in the eye.

Why not simply fly nonstop from Warsaw to the USA (I assume she has a USA visa)? LOT is offering some good deals from WAW to JFK!
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nwusernameh57 : Citizenship should not be an issue. As both Poland and Germany are in the Schengen Area, there will normally be no passport control arriving in Munich. Before boarding the flight to the US passports will be inspected and stamped, leaving the Schengen Area, but this procedure will be quick if you have valid passports and residence permits (for Poland).

With the whole trip on the same ticket, the airline has a responsibility to get you to your final destination. They will not sell such a ticket without believing that there is enough time. If you arrive a bit late in Munich they will help you, by holding your connecting flight or make sure that you get to the next gate quickly. If you still miss your connection, they will book you on a later flight. They will also make sure your bags are shipped to the US.

With separate tickets this would not be a good idea. One hour is not much time; with checked baggage this is just not realistic. You will likely get your bags after the last check-in time for the next flight.
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