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Guargeraffibeol :

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EpildKitillek : Hi, I have a T-shirt Site at I've had it for 2 months now and have not been able to get people to come to the site. I've have done the free trial with adwords and bing advertising but paying for the clicks is not an option for me. I have tried to get my site higher up in the search results but have not seen much improvement.
Any ideas?
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eleloNigAxion : I cant even open up ur website for some reason
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wbnefcahmyha : i can't visit your website, but i can give some tips. try to build good back links, promote your website with twitter and facebook etc
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fakeoakleysy4 : What have you done to try and get your site higher in the search results?
Do some keyword research, find one that is not too competitive, build your content around it, then start building backlinks to your site. There are many ways to do this:
Blog commenting
Directory submissions
Article submissions

to name a few.
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Bormmayonry : To get traffic to your site involves alot of work. Here are some tips: 1. Promote your site on social media sites such as facebook,twitter,myspace etc. 2. Write an enzine article about your site and submit to enzine directories. 3. You can creat a facebook fan page of yous site an promote it. 4. You can just go to to buy a traffic gig of up to 10000 visitors for just $5. 5. You can go to link sharing sites to share yous site link. 6. Visit forums that are related to your site and start publicing your site through frequent posting. 7. Make your site URL as your email and forum signature.
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toribhibblerg : Write an article on your site and submit it in a number of article directories like ezine, promote your site on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, myspace; create a Facebook fan page and promote it;visit the forums related to your sites and post frequently over there.
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TopTV :
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Musfoenue : Making money.
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suethoche : Hi,

I will be travelling to Los angeles on Dec 15th to Dec 17th. Then, I will rent a car and drive to Vegas.
So, my question is:
Should I rent a car from the airport from Dec 15-17th ($35 a day) or
just on the 17th (the day I'm heading to Vegas - $ 80 one way from LAX airport to LAS airport -300 miles)?
First, my hotel allows free parking, so I will be saving cost and time if I rent a car from the airport since I don't have to pay for bus fare. However, I am not too familiar with the area and really worry about paying a lot for parking. For ex, parking in Chicago is $16 an hour and could be more!! If that's the case, buses will be the more economic way to go.

I plan to visit the following places:

Holywood walk of fame
Grauman Chinese Theatre
Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills
Santa Monica Pier
Also, I want to take picture at the place where there is Hollywood sign (where is it?)

Are parking at the above places free (nearby area)? If not, what would be the average parking cost per hour in LA?
Please look at it from cost perspective. Thanks!
Also, please kindly suggest any other must-go places in LA. I appreciate your suggestions!
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