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joncooperst : I have a Tumblr:
and I really wanted to get more Ads, but I don't know what would be good.
I have Ad Dynamo, but their earnings are kinda blah.
I get a few thousand visits per day.

I was thinking of maybe telling people they could place an Ad on my site for 10 cents a day.
Is that good?
Any info would be helpful.
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kimmurphyo : just click the smily face on this photo and share it on facebook or twitter :D
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Barrythelry : Not your personal army.
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Lenephego : is on the radio right now during the month of "FANbruary" I'm not sure what the first word is but I believe it's 2 words and they both start with a C - the second word being consumer? Any suggestions? Thanks :)
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tomn067 : uhhhm,are talking about this
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Kaitlyn_Iowa : Well my finance and I will be going to spend our honeymoon in New York during the week of Christmas this year. Our hotel is near our airport, which is Newark liberty in NJ. We would like to go into the heart of New York and visit Times Square, and from what I have looked up online my hotel is 10 miles away from Times Square . My question is how is the easiest way to get from my hotel into Times Square ?... pease someone HELP! NEVER BEEN OUT OF TEXAS, LOL! THANKS :)
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othepledode : A taxi
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hervebwb : Make a fist with your right hand, stick it up in the air, step into the street. You hail a taxi like this. After the ride, you always look into the taxi to be sure you haven't dropped anything. Make this a habit.
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Shiegephabe : First off, in asking for information about an airport, seldom will anyone but locals recognize an airport by it's name. I'm in the airline industry and did not recognize Okaloosa Regional Airport. Thanks to Google, I know you meant Ft. Walton Beach/Valparaiso.

Second, airlines decide which aircraft to fly by the need to accomodate passengers, not by where the airport is. All the major carriers fly into VPS. Call each one and ask them what types of aircraft they use. They will need to know the routing, ex. from VPS to where.
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srfecti644 : This is the website for the airport, which includes a list of commercial carriers that have service to that airport. You would have to call the airlines, or spend some time on a travel site to find all of the different types of air craft that are used on routes to/from that location.
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