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Urgersspoolve : For example there is a job offer, or someone is selling something, how can I go on their account, (or anything in that field), and see what other ads they've posted?

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Dave.tupastoggep : You cannot.
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kgsb4258 : Simply put, you can't. That's the beautiful thing about Craig's List... You get to stay anonymous.
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Obnolermfs : For personal protection, you can't.
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Ptnolermep : Dont bother, dont try, u r using internet . I was advised to ignore 'Ads' posted on whatever websites. Wait, u got into scam/infected w virus, then u wouldnt know who/what hit u !
Do as u deem fit.
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Artfooter :

I am looking to buy some new shoes, but do not know if this site is a scam or what.
The sneakers are between 20-50 dollars less than what you would usually buy them for at an actual shoe store or an official site. Why is that? The homepage of this site has this paragraph in the beginning thatsay this:

Guest! Welcome to Please log yourself in,To be our VIP Member,you will get free gift!
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likelucyru : The site was created last fall and it is registerred out of China.

As such, they only sell cheap counterfeits.
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FriendLucy : It is unlikely that Jordan will discount their shoes this much, or they control discounting through selective outlets.
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15gvhc922 : I dont have more site or firm but share with you a firm i used its one of the best till now,

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filpacytra : RingRevenue provides the platform that powers the pay-per-call programs of all of the leading performance marketing networks.
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