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Jeojeryceby : i choose Wranglers and i have a pretty good idea for the mens. but the women's i kinda need help on. i was thinking about doing just picture ads like Wrangler does but i really dont want to do that. i want to make my own. i need help!!! its due next monday so i will have to video it this weekend.

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likelucyru : I'm in the middle of completing a questionnaire by my Angel Investor. I'm trying to get funds to start up an online business selling high-heeled shoes for women. I could answer all of the questions, except for one: "What is the market size?" Do I need to be accurate about this? Is there a way to calculate market size? What is the right way to answer - without sounding vague or clueless? Thank you.
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toribhibblerg : ha
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OthefShoratte : This is a very important question and something you should already know. If you want to start a business, this is the second thing you should have done (after coming up with an idea.) Do you know if women buy their heels online? How many high heeled shoes are sold each year?

SUMMARY: This is not just important for the investor, its important for you.

And yes, you do have to be very accurate.
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Jonut :
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exacuutneak : Get an advert tatooed on your head.
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reteAmeli : Make a free website or blog for your company and use SEO and backlinking to build traffic to it.
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swmssozshjgp : Social Media (Facebook Fan Pages, Google Plus Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest), start a free blog on Blogger and/or WordPress, utilize Social Bookmarking (reddit {don't spam}, stumbleupon, digg, delicious), get backlinks for your website from similar niche sites and friend's sites.
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Kifeinfeteeks : Go for social networking sites and promote your site and send bulk mails to other people.
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MAjaleesa : My family and I (there are three adults, one 13 year old, and a four year old) are traveling to the Caribbean for vacation and we booked our ticket online with JetBlue. At the confirmation screen there was only one itinerary. Do we all check in on the same sheet of paper? What do we do?
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