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kukernos :

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Pescuectime : I'm a 2nd year student at penn state university. I want to major in advertising and art so I can get a job in an ad agency when I graduate. Problem is I might not get accepted into the advertising course and either would have to major in telecommunications, media studies, or journalism. These are all under "communications". Could I still find a job at an ad agency by majoring in one of the others? If not what should I major in? Give me any advice PLEASE. also, what are good agency's to do internships at near Philadelphia. Thank u so much!!
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olgabuzova : hey buddy,

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bestkunmaza : The charge for a 30 second ad during "drive time" is $460. What is this $460 for? One ad? Weekly? Monthly? Yearly?
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Abigail_West_Virginia : I would guess that is for a single airing, though it would vary considerably depending on the market and the air time.

This site mainly about TV ads may also discuss radio rates.
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sammyywk99 :
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PoitoProvemog : What are the things you are supposed to present separately (in a tray) at the airport at the time of personal security check? I know you're supposed to keep your laptop and phones and cameras and liquids separately, but what else is there other than these that needs to be presented in a tray. Also, do u have to take off your shoes and place them in the tray every time, or only if they have metal bits on them.
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Tano576igL : Shoes do not go in tray, but wallet, jewelery, iPod, etc do.
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lymnyaneeftgx : its only the liquids baggie and LARGER electronics.

your laptop is a larger electronic so you must take it out and place it in a tray but your camera and phone are smaller electronics and should stay in your carry on bag. (of course if you h ave your phone in your pocket then you'd put it in the tray but personally i try to make it as simple as possible so i keep my phone in my carry on bag)

yes you must take off your shoes.
they don't care that you have metal on your shoes.
they are looking for bombs in your shoes.
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WheemiGacence : The last couple of times I had to take my shoes off and run them through the scanner even if they were rubber flip flops. The computer is the only thing you need to pull out. I had an ipad and cell phone in my back pack and didn't have to remove them.
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