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neothnedCor : Bill Hicks once recommended that those who work in advertising and marketing should kill themselves in order to make the world a better place. The show Mad Men seems to immerse itself in the superficiality of the time, in which people can simply purchase and consumer products to constitute their egoism. Other trends such as technological consumerism, alcohol, and tobacco seem to be glamorized.

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iuolermef :
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carpinteyroefw : 0c (none) (nothing)
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csyez028 : It completely depends on your niche. It can be .05, it can be $50.
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BadBobbiehui : Hi guys I'm working on an offshoot Marketing Project to facilitate my degree

Essentially one of the tasks I am trying to accomplish in order to complete the 1st stage of the projects objectives (and hopefully at least a 1000words) is to find out how much individual businesses spend on advertising Im starting with Small to mediums vs Large comparisons.

So what I want to know is aside from trying to get a hold off busy top level people and business owners is there a website or resource I can use to first find this out (doesn't need to be an exact figure just a a ball park )then I can shoot it in my letter/email I will use to approach them which in turns shows I have done my research and also shows thinking outside the box and hopefully get me an interview session.

Eg. Here is an idea of the type of letter/e-mail

''Dear Mr Jones
One of the reasons I am interested in speaking with you is because from my research I noticed that you spend X amount which is 3% lower than your competitors and yet your profitability and market share has risen by 10%. I can only assume this is down to the USP of your brand however this among other points of interest and hallmarks are part of the conversation I wish to have with you''

Thanks in advance guys.
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konwo724 : I've never flown before, so sorry if this question is a little... elementary.

I'm flying out of Logan (Boston) to Atlanta. How much time should I allow before each flight to clear security, board, do whatever it is I need to do?

Also, on the way to Atlanta, we have a layover in Newark. On the way back, we have a layover in D.C. Will we have to clear security at each layover airport?

Thank you :)
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roopMeewido : flying out of logan - just be sure you get there early. traffic through the tunnel is unpredictable, it does take much to jam it up

as far as layovers go you shouldn't have to go through security unless you change flights to a new terminal during the layover
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saiskenda : For domestic flights it is recommended that you arrive 2 hours before. So depending on where you are coming from you need to leave your house/hotel early enough to account for traffic.

Once at the airport it is just like any other airport. If you checked-in on-line, printed your boarding pass, and have no checked bags you can go directly to Security. If not then you need to go to the Check-In counter first.

As for the Layover, if you do not change terminals(which if you are on the same airline is probably the case) you will not have to clear security again. When you land at either Newark or the airport in D.C. the Flight Crew should announce the gate for your connection. If they don't as soon as you get off of the plane look at one of the monitors to find out the gate you need to get to.
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