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dubaimady : We are into manufacturing of branded industrial products with our factory's located in Malaysia and India, doing this business since last 20 years. Want to expand our market to US and Australia thrue appointed distributors. Any suggestions where and how can I find the contacts of companies or individuals who are suitable and are interested to take up new opportunities.

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advoloSailm : It's merely a soda that is marketed for guys. It follows the premise that women are so conscientious about sodas making them fat, that they would prefer diet sodas with artificial sweetners rather than have sodas with any sugar (even if it's merely 10 calories worth) that they believe would make them fat.
Note: the ad states Not for women not Not for girls. Girls before they reach puberty don't really worry about the effects of sugar making them fat. In fact, most boys and girls like candy and don't worry about the effects that it can have on their bodies. As for men, we're not as worried that a little sugar and calories would make us fat.
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Biliflachitn : what a stupid queston
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Pusakates : I think its just them making a soda for just guys so guys actually drink something healthy you dont see too many man drinking diet anything plus give it a couple of monnths it will all go away
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koaggezhhfxo : Hi, i am new to affiliate marketing and i wanted to know when exactly does clickbank pay the affiliates after he has made 5 sales as according to the terms, should he wait for the refund term to be over before he receives commissions,
thanks in advance for answering
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sonNeabyPoone : Hi guys, I'm looking for suggestions about a summer trip to Asia. I've already been to Japan last summer therefore I would like to see Thailand, Beijing, Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong. The point is that buying one way flights is too expensive but I've seen that if you take return tickets the price is much lower so: which city should I choose for the cheap flights that depart from its airport?
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TurnKegedeego : Bejing
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kakaoleokd : Northeast asia
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