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Halliepaolo44 : I just joined rap bank (an affiliate program) it looks like a good program. I see a lot of programs that require you to have a blog, niche, or some form of website. I don't have one nor do i want to deal with making one, does anyone know if i can just post classified ads on craigslist, backpage, etc.. with my affiliate link (it will be a "click here hyperlink") and still get my commission?

Thanks in advance!
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Tupangege : I want to make a depression support group website, or a guinea pig website, I know you can make money by using ad sense, but is there any other ways? how? thanks.
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rebecontannyM : You have to spend money to make it,That sounds like a great website,but to get it out there on the web of course you have to advertising it, offer's cheap advertising and they get the job done.
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TinityXator : I have been doing this online advertising for about 2 years now..This is a fantastic income generator. I made 3k my first month doing this with no money out of my pocket. I spend an average of just 3-5 hours a week on this. This is the reality, it just takes one person a day for you to make $2400 per even at half that... if you are only doing 1 every other day, you still make $1200.... who can't use an extra thousand dollars a month for something that took you about an hour to set up.
Click on the link provided below to watch the webinar and get started. It explains exactly how it works and it works exactly that way. Follow the 3 easy steps and make money TODAY!! NO JOKE, NO SCAM...I think some people believe it is too good to be true but I can absolutely prove it to you if you'd like before you get started. Just ask me to see the proof.

Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions.

All my best,
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trelfHexrurry : A site typically earns 3 times more than Adsense with the right affiliate promotion, starting out one earns a 4% commission from the good converting Amazon site's affiliate program. A search of the Clickbank marketplace turned up 990 different digital download titles with Depression in their descriptions, these typically pay a 50% commission. Some treatment centers might buy banner space or pay a finders fee if you get large enough.

Your visitors don't come to your site with spending money on their minds, so the earnings will be a fraction of what a camera review site might earn.
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lsophiaj :
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IniliRonSoync :
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ipermMaria : I mean by public transportation, bus or train.
How long will it take and how much will it cost ?
I cannot take the plane, I can only go by train or bus
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igoroldtemkin : I'd fly. That's a pretty long trip by ground transportation. But, it's not cheap. Looks like $450 and up.
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