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Guanoattipt : Any suggestions for cool and catchy names for Public relations company which involves advertising, media and mass communication. I'm doing some research and trying to come up with a name for my paper. any help is highly appreciated.

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Nazartymn : Uncreative: For those to lazy to come up with their own ideas.
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Halliepaolo44 : I just joined rap bank (an affiliate program) it looks like a good program. I see a lot of programs that require you to have a blog, niche, or some form of website. I don't have one nor do i want to deal with making one, does anyone know if i can just post classified ads on craigslist, backpage, etc.. with my affiliate link (it will be a "click here hyperlink") and still get my commission?

Thanks in advance!
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  #4 () : I need people to take a survey for my global marketing class, the link is

please and thank you!

....feel free to comment saying you did it so you can be voted/chosen with best answer ;)

also feel free to share with your friends!
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HeteHailm : ok
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Poendypyday : ok done it.
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Biliflachitn : I got my ticket on Expedia. It says I will be going to Terminal S. I spoke to a customer service rep and she said that is the concourse S. I do not see any S on the website. So I'm just kind of confused. Has anyone ever been to the Atlanta airport. Where do I find terminal S?
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Jennitin79 : It is domestic terminal south, most likely. Below gives you the details. Check the gate and make sure it matches
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HireeLarp : Atlanta airport has one main entrance for domestic flights. You go there, check-in, go through Security, and then take the tram to the appropriate terminal & gate. The check-in agent will tell you which terminal & gate your flight will use. After that, you just follow the signs.
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