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ShoPPerwed : I'm stuck on a english assignment. I have to write a ad to run on superbowl for english class. I started with two friends sitting on a coach drinking Coke.... Then got stuck.

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QRmillsFW : Here's my situation:
I have one website up and running, this is my main business website... lets call it "" and linked to this website is also my up and running blog (

Then I also bought two other domains;
One because it is an exact name match to the product I'm selling... lets call that ""
And the other domain because it is an exact match to high results/low competition keywords for my product... lets call that ""

I want to use and as feeder sites, so when someone clicks on them it reroutes to my actual website, I want to utilize the power these two domains could have to my business, but not sure how to do this. I mean, they are two domains with exact relevance to my product and business and there must be a way to BEST use them for growth ($).

Thank you in advance for any knowledgeable insight, opinions, tips, etc. I appreciate it.
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sonNeabyPoone : I'm the marketing manager for a small business. We provide plumbing services. Each service job we do averages between $150 and $200. Getting to the point, I'd like to post "thank you for choosing to do business with us" notes (via normal mail) to the past customers, maybe about 2 weeks after the job has been done for them. Do you think this a good idea or is it too much? Any thoughts or feedback would be much appreciated. Looking forward to all of your answers.
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Cobfetattaima : I have even better idea, why not sending them $5 Starbucks card? Or 5% discount on next service call.
Having someone calling them the same day when they got service from you is great idea for collecting feedback and showing your customers your appreciation by thanking them and asking them if they are satisfied with your service. Two weeks is too long, they will forgot they even have been serviced by you.
Opportunities are endless, just keep thinking out of the box.

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pneupejed : I think you should try out giving 5 to 7% discount cards for your regular customers along with thank you

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kimmurphyo :
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Insenoloals : Probably I will fly to New York very soon and I was wondering how I can arrive at Lucky Star bus station in Chinatown, Manhatan.
The reason I want to go to Lucky Star bus station is that I have booked online a very cheap ticket with them from New York to Boston. Any help would be highly appreciated.
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esyez044 : I doubt that it's a real bus station. To offer those low fares, they usually just leave from a certain street.

Here's where they leave from in Manhattan:

55-59 Chrystie Street (between Hester and Canal Streets)
Manhattan, NY 10002
(One Block from Grand Street Subway Station)

I'll leave it to one of the other folks to provide the detailed directions on how to get from JFK to Chrystie Street.
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yexiyexi019 : You can take the AirTrain to Jamaica, take the Manhattan-bound (E) to 7th Avenue, and then go across the platform and take the (B) or (D) to Grand Street.

Alternatively, you can take the AirTrain to Jamaica, and take the (J) or (Z) to Bowery. This is quicker, but some of the areas along the (J) & (Z) aren't the greatest, so I wouldn't carry a ton of luggage if I were going this route.
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ExannaMaf : Shuttle bus
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