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IrredsPruri : I just read 2 articles about Dr Pepper 10.

I was scurious as to what your opinions are... like is Dr Pepper serious or was it a dumb joke that no one got?
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enurmouse : I'm a 48 year old man and even though it's not a joke by the company it is by the common man. I drink DP because I like it. It has nothing to do with manhood but, getting all nerved up because it is targeted at men is just silly. Gee I guess I should get mad about lipstick and other products being targeted for women......"Tab" in the old days. Find somthing real to complain about for crying out loud.
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kimmurphyo : We just purchased a Scion xB for our Storage company "Flex Box Mobile Storage"

We provide mobile storage and storage solutions for residential and commercial customers.

We are thinking about lettering this vehicle to look like one of our "Flex Box" units along with the tag line, "Live outside the box!"

What are your thoughts? Do you have a better idea for a slogan?
Well ...

we want our customers to put things in the container-not experiences. So the thinking is you live your life through your experiences-not through your stuff.

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CarmenOA : I think this is a great idea. Wouldn't the slogan sound better if it said "Live inside the box" since your company is a mobile storage company.
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kimmurphyo : I am thinking of buying traffic from or and direct them to an affiliate link from click bank. is there a big possibility that this may work? has anyone had any experience with this?
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RCJames : yep, that should work
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hervebwb : there is a pretty high possibility but don't put all your eggs in one basket. When trying to market your website you should always try to spread it out so that you are reaching a greater audiance.
You should also try traffic exchange, generating backlinks and even other means of advertising
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GGYGYG : Paid traffic campaigns require a carefully designed and tested sales process to be profitable, you can't just advertise "come see my great site" and expect to be profitable.

People offering thousand of visitors for next to nothing are likely to be sending bot traffic or or 3rd world people not equipped to make any purchases.

Using more targeted traffic like Google Adwords where you pay only for visitors with the right thing on their minds can cost dollars per click, and would typically have the keyword selection, ad text and landing page content all matched up to earn the best quality score which lowers costs. In reality Google doesn't like most affiliate programs, Clickbank products in particular it's easy to be banned for life just for having promoted the wrong product using deceptive sales pitches or billing practices.

The most rough first approximation conversion rate estimate some use is 1%, that is you can anticipate 1 in 100 clicks to your page will result in a conversion, in the case of an affiliate this is just selling them on visiting the real product sales page you have to factor in their conversion rates as well. You can see those click costs can get out of hand quickly. If both stages had a 1% conversion rate it would take 10,000 visitors to your page to make one sale. If both stages had a 5% conversion rate 1 in 400 would make a buy, 1 in 100 for a 10% conversion rate. You can see the value in having the best possible converting landing pages.

A proper sales landing page design is carefully crafted to maximize conversions, using the right pith, layout and but button placement, as well as limiting the ways of leaving the page (which can violate Google guidelines) The rule of thumb guide, abort a campaign being tested after spending twice the affiliate payout without getting sale.
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JackSilverCoolYesNo : How effective can this be? Will any viewer associate one of these brands with NHL or their favorite team? Don't all these brands on the screen dilute each other?

Ford and Kia on the rink.
Volkswagen was on the tv-channels graphics and the post-game was advertised as the Mercedes post-game show.
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toribhibblerg : I am going to Geneva next weekend and i wanted to check whether i can carry a 35ml can of antiperspirant in my Hand Luggage. Someone told me you aren't allowed as it is a spray and is flammable however i am not sure if this is true?

Also i am going by Easyget! Thanks for the help!! :)
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