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JanoNease : I have adsense on my website and it has several adverts on each page and makes me a good bit of money. But are there any sites that are better? I've heard affiliate programs are a good way of making more money but I don't think my site gets enough treffic for it to benefite really.

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Dave.tupastoggep : Hello,
I need help I have done my marketing plan but I am stuck on the freakin Break Even analysis I have a 50,000 budget for one year for a women's shoe store and I do not know how to set it up. I tried looking on online but you have to buy the whole thing! I really need to know the Financials of the marketing plan. Can you help me Please
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2qot54rt74o : ok i have an idea to do some email marketing
1. what do you guys think of this website (does it look legit, cost effective)
also all of the emails are tracked saying how may people received, how many opened, and how many clicked on your link.
2. then i will promote products from click bank, i will start just sending to 300,000 people. although the emails are targeted im thinking that 1/1000 people will buy (do you guys think this is a reasonable figure, or could i get more or less)
3. then i will get some people on that i have found to do the email adverts.

any suggestions or comments on what else i could do wouldappreciatesates

there is an address on the site

201 Kennedy Blvd
Pittston, PA 18640, USA. i think i may put in an order for the cheapest option, and see what happens.
your right tho i am also quite sceptical of thse things
they also have a phone number that i will give a call in the morning, as its one in the morning here (England)
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Effitswes : That sure has the look of an illegal spam email scam, there's a fair possibility of getting nothing for your money.

The 3 month old domain name uses a proxy to conceal the owner identities, (not all that uncommon) and appears to be hosed on an Asian-European cloud hosting service,

Their names suggests they have lists of people who have voluntarily opted into email lists, it's highly unlikely you would get people for that price.

You would want to consult this reasonably easy to read guide on the Can-Spam Act:

Paragraph 7 mentions your responsibilities even when others are doing the mailing, the details on opt-in conformance in paragraph 5 could be violated without your having control over it.

Mass spam emailing I have received are usually done by Russians out of the reach of the law.

More typically marketers build their own mailing lists, often using paid advertising and some giveaway incentive, which can make the initial mailing cost more than $1 per address, but with well designed mail sequences using services like Aweber for about $20/mo for small lists they earn a good profit mailing to their own list.

Another more legitimate source of postal, email and phone lists compiled by magazine publishers, product manufacturers, etc. is:
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geickmstam : This advert seems to lack an instant message which I think detracts immensly from its impact. Do you agree? I won't say which banner because it should be obvious
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2qot54rt74o : what can I get from them that I can't get from other cards,?
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bystryzbyssus : Some airports have priority at security lines for Aex card lolders.
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