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Entethync :

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DevyDywob : none.
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jqo8z53fe : basic automated google ads can pay anywhere between 1 cent to $3 per click
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colemiliClipsp :
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moment7q : Hi jaden.. U want make money through online. For complete guidance go to web below.. Will help u. Tq
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frontruntex : Hey!

My websites giving away a Nonlinear Slip wristwatch. I'm wondering where I could spread the word about this? Any good sites or forums you know that accept such things?

Thanks in advance! Here's the link if you want to join yourself:
BTW craiglist and kijiji don't have a dedicated place for advertising contests, as far as I am aware (I have checked them). I don't want to advertise where I'm not supposed to!

Thanks anyway for your answer.
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sonNeabyPoone :
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  #8 () : Craigslist is one place.
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FLestesWP : Hey,

I just built my website with this great service called WebStarts. WebStarts is everything you need to make a free website. I highly recommend it. Promote businesses and get PAID! Have people join on your account and get PAID. Only takes a few minutes to sign up! LEGIT!!!!! You can set up a whole page FREE about your watch. A whole website will drive traffic faster than yahoo answers. lol

You can sign up for your own free account here:
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poenceRaipleKip : I was looking onto advertising in some Ottawa newspapers but they are too expensive for my budget at this point in time.
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