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BmViagras : You need to place a lot of ads, right?
And how much do you need to invest? Can money be earned without investing too much?

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Effitswes : You need to get a lot of hits to attract advertisers and get revenue. So, your website needs to be a place that people are compelled to visit. Do you have a GOOD IDEA?
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Oxymnlync : Of course, and not only would you need money for ads, you would need money for advertising and marketing, plus actually maintaining the site.

Anybody can really make a website on their home computer. It most likely won't be popular and make profit unless a lot of people use it.
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alexpril : if you get popular on your blog people will WANT to put adds on your site.

It also depends if you want your site to be Google blogs or another service for how much it costs.

How much do you get paid? The only time YOU would probably get paid is by the advertisements. It also depends whether the ads are you get paid per click or any other form of a way to get their company bigger.

Hope that helped!
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Boeolermep : Yes you can, but you need traffic.
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Akassir : Is there a way to promote your business page on facebook fast without having to buy ad space at the side?

I'm trying to get my work out there for all to see but the page has peaked at its honeymoon period and not a lot of people are liking like they used to.
I share it on my personal profile whenever I can, but i just need a little more help promoting myself?

any suggestions?
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Alibabamen : You can be logged in as your company page name, when you make useful posts on groups, etc. you will have a link to your business, a hint of spam will usually get the posts deleted from any managed pages.
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suodi668 : market share for their product? Why or Why not?
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emapseassew : this one is hard for me to answer
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TeeFThescen : Hi, Im doing an advertising project, and I need a product to advertise. It can be something already made, or made-up. For example, My friends are doing vera bradley bags. And other friends are doing shoes with "heaters and coolers" in them. Im the only one in the class without a partner cuz everyone hates me :) jk. But still it can be a Mag.Ad. A tv ad. or a poster.
HELP :( its due tomorrow and I have to do it all by myself
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